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Music Bank's rigged win reported to cops, Lim Young-woong fans say, ‘His impact is crazy’

Some fans think it is part of a conspiracy by HYBE to distract the public from Le Sserafim Garam's bullying scandal
UPDATED MAY 26, 2022
There has been an uproar as Lim Young-woong lost to Le Sserafim on KBS' Music Bank solely based on broadcast points (@limyoungwoong, @le_sserafim/Twitter)
There has been an uproar as Lim Young-woong lost to Le Sserafim on KBS' Music Bank solely based on broadcast points (@limyoungwoong, @le_sserafim/Twitter)

KBS’ music show win controversy seems to be getting worse as even the police have gotten involved now. In May second week, at KBS' Music Bank, million-seller trot sensation and ‘Mr Trot’ winner Lim Young-woong and HYBE’s rookie group Le Sserafim were nominated for first place. While the soloist had the highest points in almost every criterion, he lost to Le Sserafim because he got zero points for broadcast. We then had eagle-eyed fans and even Korean media outlet Dispatch investigating and claiming that the win was rigged.

Meanwhile, fans think that the rigged music show win is all part of a larger conspiracy to distract the general public from Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam who is embroiled in a school bullying scandal and has been accused of assaulting classmates. Well, whether the strategy is working or not, it has become serious as well with Dispatch revealing screenshots that Lim Young-woong’s song had been broadcast and so, he should have in fact gotten points for broadcast which would have led to him winning on KBS’ Music Bank. 

HYBE to not reportedly kick out Le Sserafim's Garam, fans give up 'let the group die'

Why is Dispatch silent on Garam’s bullying but reporting Le Sserafim's rigged win?

Le Sserafim wins against Lim Young-woong on KBS' 'Music Bank' (@limyoungwoong.official/Instagram, @le_sserafim/Twitter)

Knetz report rigged Music Bank win to the police

While KBS released two statements claiming that Lim Young-woong’s nominated song was not played on their seven main radio programs which is why he lost, his fans have gone on to report the alleged rigged Music Bank win to the police. According to the Korean outlet, Sports Kyunghang, a Knetizen shared that a group had asked the National Police Agency to investigate the rumors that KBS had played Lim Young-woong’s nominated song ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ on their radio shows and then deleted it after Dispatch reported it. 

The Knetz also shared they were taking the rigged win seriously by citing the foul-play of Mnet’s survival show series ‘Produce’ which led to the producer being jailed. “This '0 point' manipulation is a matter of democracy and fair competition in our society. I want to plead to the National Police Agency to establish and maintain democracy and rule of law.” With the monopolization of promotional activities by big K-pop labels in the past, netizens are trying to make it fair for those idols and artists who are not fortunate enough to debut in huge and financially brimming agencies that can guarantee successful releases.

'They are the most powerful fandom'

K-pop Twitter was shocked by the turn of events as music show wins are not taken too seriously as they do not correlate with an artist’s success in the long run. One user asked, “If any youngwoong's fans are seeing this tweet i really want to know how he got this big in sk and what did he do to become this treasured in very short amount of time. His impact is crazy big on general public.”

One user was impressed, “They are the most powerful fandom lmao and this all happenned just because of mubank trophy.” Another wondered if HYBE had asked KBS to rig the win, “That’s crazy that HYBE has that much power to influence a broadcasting station if not extremely concerning.” One fan felt this was still all a distraction, “They should investigate garam’s bullying scandal but yet again they’re shifting the attention into something else to distract ppl from the main problem which is garam.”





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