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HYBE to not reportedly kick out Le Sserafim's Garam, fans give up 'let the group die'

Le Sserafim's Kim Garam is embroiled in a serious bullying scandal and has been put on hiatus
UPDATED MAY 24, 2022
Kim Garam allegedly used to physically assault classmates and get into gang fights (Le Sserafim/Weverse)
Kim Garam allegedly used to physically assault classmates and get into gang fights (Le Sserafim/Weverse)

A day after Kim Garam was put on hiatus for the bullying allegations against her, the general public was praising Le Sserafim for its five-member performances and schedules. They felt that the choreography was neater and realised that the youngest member Eunchae was finally getting the spotlight. Others wondered if Garam’s addition to the group was just a noise marketing stunt by HYBE.

Le Sserafim’s Garam was embroiled in a school bullying controversy even before her debut as victims came forward with their evidence claiming that she had been violent and rude in school. It has been weeks, but we are still getting more victims and more alleged proof popping up with leaked text messages and photographs that point at Garam being a bully. Some fans think there is a larger conspiracy as they believe BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Blackpink’s Jennie, BTS’ V, Lim Young-woong and Seventeen are being surrounded by rumors to distract the general public from Garam's case.

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Is HYBE not kicking out Garam

Despite former classmates and victims sharing that Kim Garam used to physically assault students and the Ministry of Education confirming that the Le Sserafim member was given the highest level of punishment by the school violence committee, the new developments have everyone disappointed. After Garam was put on hiatus, fans believed that it was just a matter of time before she would be kicked out by HYBE. However, on May 24, it has been revealed by an insider that the company has no such plans. The victim’s law firm shared they were discussing a solution with HYBE.

Meanwhile, an insider said, “HYBE is not currently considering replacing the members of Le Sserafim or converting into a five-member group.” The industry insider also alleges that HYBE is contract-bound to protect Kim Garam and can only be silent and cautious since she is a minor. Furthermore, the idea that Garam is not being kicked out conforms with Le Sserafim’s social media accounts. Fans have noticed that the members are not uploading group photos on social media and are probably waiting for Garam to return so as not to create OT5 fans (fans who only support five of the six members).

‘I’m not gonna support them’

Knetizens have given up as they made posts like, “So they're just going to let the group die together.. what a pity,” “I honestly thought it was just noise marketing but it's true..,” and “There were so many kids who were ready to stan the 5 membersㅋㅋㅋㅋ But now whether it's with or without Kim Garam, I'm not gonna support them anymore.” One user asked, “Is bang PD and this bully girl is in a relationship or what.. like why they protecting her like their whole life depends on it.” Another brought back NU’EST and GFriend’s disbandment, “Hybe can disband two groups but can't kicked out ONE person.” One guessed, “She seems to be from a BIG family and political influence.”




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