#PINKxBAMBAM trends as Pink Sweat$ teases collab with GOT7’s Bambam on Twitter

Fans expect a new project in the works as Pink Sweat$ posted a screenshot from a FaceTime call with Bambam captioned, 'we up to something...'

                            #PINKxBAMBAM trends as Pink Sweat$ teases collab with GOT7’s Bambam on Twitter
Pink Sweat$ causes unrest in the Ahgase world as he teases a collab with GOT7's Bambam via Twitter post (@bambam1a, @pinkdweats/Instagram; @realpinksweats/Twitter)

Months after dropping multiple hints about working on a collab, Pink Sweat$ has some new surprise for Ahgases. GOT7 members are doing well in terms of their solo careers this year after they officially departed from JYP Entertainment. With all of the seven members doing well with their solo careers, GOT7 fans are pretty overwhelmed now and they would sure like to keep new releases going.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan released his first single album ‘Last Breath’ on November 12, and the single has been all over iTunes charts, loved by fans all over the world. Looks like there is no rest for the baby birds as members of GOT7 are passing the baton amongst themselves, giving fans no time to breathe with back-to-back releases.


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Pink Sweat$ teases a collab with Bambam

On the cozy winter evening of November 17, Pink Sweat$ decided to cause chaos as he made a new post on Twitter with the screenshot of a FaceTime call with GOT7’s Bambam captioning it with, "we up to something..." teasing fans. Fans of K-pop love and adore the American singer who has featured in collabs with Korean artists like RnB singer Crush as well as Seventeen’s DK and Joshua featuring on his track ‘17’. Pink Sweat$ was also a featured guest on B.I aka Kim Hanbin’s first solo concert proving how much of a fan of K-pop he is and showed how he appreciates and celebrates talent.


Both Bambam and Pink Sweat$ started dropping hints about the single way back in February this year making fans grow more and more impatient with time. Bambam first started by dropping a mysterious announcement on Twitter that hinted that something is going on. He also posted an inverted photo of a pink lightbulb alongside a speaker as well as a pair of headphones on it on his now-deleted Instagram story with the word ‘SOON’ written over it as fans were excited something was in the works.

Pink Sweat$ added fuel to the already bubbling Ahgase fire by mentioning Bambam as one of his texting buddies. Pink Sweat$ appeared on an interview with Tero Radio and when he was asked a question about which Asian artist he would like to collaborate with in the near future, he mentioned Bambam making fans put the pink lighting in Bambam’s story as well as the declaration in Pink Sweat$ words together.


‘Give us a release date already’

Fans are now so tired of the two artists playing with their emotions that as soon as Pink Sweat$ posted the tweet featuring Bambam, fans trended ‘#PinkxBambam’ on Twitter worldwide. Ahgases have no time to keep calm as they joked around responding to the tweet and hoping for a release date to be dropped asap. One fan said, “OMG OMG OMG what's going on!???? Aaaaaahhhhhhh can't wait but atleast drop the date in advance. wtf I'm panicking." One emotionally drained fan said, "Drop the date already! You’ve been teasing us for months."

Another fan said, "OMG!!! Can't wait for your collaboration!! so exciting!" One more fan said, "OMG FINALLY!!! please let it be a single please let it be a single i can't wait for next year to hear it with the album. (i would still do if it's only in the album i am down bad)." One more fan joked, "I can’t wait~ I keep you all! It’s coming in tomorrow right hahahhahaaa." Another fan said, "IM SO EXCITED this is going to be THE most iconic collab."








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