Pink Sweats credits Stray Kids' Felix for 'Heaven' topping Melon chart after he suggested track to fans

Pink Sweats took it to Twitter to share a 'Felix appreciation tweet' and Stays shared how Felix recommended the singer through fan community app Bubble

                            Pink Sweats credits Stray Kids' Felix for 'Heaven' topping Melon chart after he suggested track to fans
Pink Sweats thanked Stray Kids' Felix for 'Heaven's entry in South Korea's Melon chart (Pink Sweats/ Stray Kids Instagram)

Stray Kids, the new K-pop king after 'Kingdom', is getting due recognition from international celebrities and it's about time that the Stay fandom goes global. 'At My Worst' singer Pink Sweats is the latest artiste to show love for Stray Kids' Felix after the JYP artiste recommended 'Heaven', a Pink Sweats track that entered the Melon Real-Time Search Ranking at number one.

Earlier, Stray Kids leader Bang Chan and Felix made international headlines when Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to fanboy over the fourth-gen K-pop group's 'Deadpool' inspired 'Kingdom' stage.

Later, 'Wolverine' Hugh Jackman also joined the social media chatter when he warned Bang Chan that Ryan Reynolds can be 'a lot' (to handle). He wrote, "I just worry for @Stray_Kids now that @VancityReynolds is a fan. He can be a lot. Gotta watch out for my fellows Aussies! Hi Felix!"


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Pink Sweats credits Felix for making 'Heaven' top Melon chart

Pink Sweats took to Twitter to share a "Felix appreciation tweet" after "Heaven" topped the real-time search list and Stays shared how Felix recommended the singer to the fandom through the fan community app 'Bubble.'

Felix wrote, "I fell for this artist's style of music!" Not just 'Heaven', Felix has recommended three songs to Stays including '17' and 'At My Worst.' A fan wrote, "Omg he really love your songs and he kept recommending them to us! thank you so much for noticing, he'll be so happy!" Another fan chimed in saying, "He really loves your songs and recommends them a lot! I also fell for them so thank you!" An excited fan chimed in saying, "That's amazing, this will make Felix so happy as he is a big fan Btw your discography is awesome!"






Earlier, Grammy-nominated music group BTS vocalist Jungkook also showed his appreciation for 'At My Worst. Look at the video shared by Pink Sweats here.



Stray Kids 'Wolf Gang' makes history

The winner of Mnet's popular reality show 'Kingdom' also made recent history after their exclusive track for the show, 'Wolf Gang', entered the Apple Music Top 100 global chart, debuting at 98 - the only fourth-generation group to achieve the feat. Stray Kids joined BTS, Blackpink, and Twice as the only K-pop group in history to have ranked in Apple Top 100.

Stray Kids shares happy pictures lifting 'Kingdom' trophy (Stray Kids Twitter)

Stray Kids, the most popular fourth-generation group who made it to TIME Top 10 songs of 2020, will be next seen in 'KCON:TACT 4 U', the Mnet K-pop show. Learn the complete lineup of the music show here.

Stream Stray Kids' show-winning 'Wolf Gang' performance below.


Listen to 'Heaven' by Pink Sweats below.


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