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Pentagon Kino tests Covid positive a day after Blackpink Lisa, fans say 'rest well'

Following Blackpink Lisa and Pentagon Kino's positive result, Girls' Generation's Yuri has also undergone a Covid-19 test
UPDATED DEC 28, 2021
Kino is the latest K-pop idol to get Covid-19 after Blackpink's Lisa (@cube_ptg, @lalalalisa_m, @yulyulk/Instagram)
Kino is the latest K-pop idol to get Covid-19 after Blackpink's Lisa (@cube_ptg, @lalalalisa_m, @yulyulk/Instagram)

Looks like we are once again witnessing a Covid-19 outbreak in the K-pop industry. In the middle of 2021, due to the constant activity among K-pop artists, a lot of our favorite idols ended up testing positive for the virus. We had members of BTOB, Ateez, Dreamcatcher, Astro, SF9 and Enhypen getting Covid-19. Offline concerts and events were canceled with Seoul implementing a lockdown. With the situation getting better, scheduled gigs once again resumed. But Pentagon’s Kino is the latest idol to test positive for Covid-19.

A day before, on November 24, it was reported that Blackpink’s Lisa had tested positive for Covid-19. The rest of the Blackpink members had tested negative but would get themselves tested from time to time. An hour before Pentagon Kino’s news, it was also announced that Girls’ Generation’s Yuri had gotten into trouble. She had come in close contact with a positive patient and so had to halt her activities and press conferences for the day. She had gotten tested and was now awaiting the results.

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Pentagon’s Kino tests positive for Covid-19

Well, on November 25, Cube Entertainment released a statement regarding the Pentagon member. They explained that an instructor had entered their premises on November 24 and had later confirmed to have Covid-19. As a precaution, all the individuals present in the building had gotten a PCR test. Unfortunately, on November 25, Kino’s test came back positive. He has been taken care of and is following the health guidelines. On the other hand, the rest of Pentagon -- Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yanan, Yuto and Wooseok had tested negative. But their activities are on hold for the moment according to quarantine rules.

‘We are here waiting for you’

Worried fans sent supportive messages to Pentagon and Kino. One Universe tweeted, “Hopefully they postpone the VC event on Saturday to give time for Kino to recover and also precaution for the other members..” Another fan shared, “Ahhh. PENTAGON Kino tested positive for covid19. Get well soon, baby!” One fan commented, “Honestly I don't care about cb anymore I just want kino to recover.” Fans also sent messages like, “Kino get well soon please, we are here waiting for you,” and “Get well soon Kino, Universe are waiting for you.”

Another Universe posted, “Kino don't worry about anything and rest well. Praying for your fast recovery.” Fans were also worried how busy Pentagon was, “Pentagon really didn't take a break since last year :( kino has been appearing everywhere as a guest , on a survival hongseok's acting career is working so well yuto had over 50 schedules in japan and never once failed to promote ptg yanan had to impromptu film a drama.” Another pointed out, “Yesterday you were still posting photos but it turned out that you were sick Get well soon.”