Hyoyeon hints at a concert on Insta Live, fans hope that it's with Girls’ Generation

Girls' Generation reunited after 4 years on the variety show 'You Quiz On The Block' but fans wish for a comeback and concert

                            Hyoyeon hints at a concert on Insta Live, fans hope that it's with Girls’ Generation
Fans think Hyoyeon spoiled a Girls’ Generation reunion concert on Live with members (@GirlsGeneration/Twitter)

With several iconic second-gen K-pop groups reuniting and coming back, it is just a matter of time for Girls’ Generation aka SNSD. We first had the impossible happening with 2AM and T-ara having a comeback after seven and four years respectively. Technically, even Girls’ Generation reunited with all eight members appearing together on the variety show ‘You Quiz On The Block’. However, with several groups that were on hiatus releasing albums like SHINee and 2PM, fans believe that Girls’ Generation too will get together for a musical project. Well, Hyoyeon has some reassuring news for fans.

On November 9, Hyoyeon came on Instagram Live along with Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung and Taeyeon. Fans loved the chaotic Live as Hyoyeon told Sooyoung that she decided to go Live because she had makeup on. There were several other hilarious moments like the time Sooyoung wanted to dye her hair pink like Taeyeon and Hyoyeon but was stopped because she is filming a K-drama. They also joked that they would ask their CEO to join them but he’s in Kwangya (SM’s multiverse). Hyoyeon also went on to spoil an upcoming concert.

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Hyoyeon talks about a concert

Sooyoung is set to have a fan meeting for two hours and fans guessed that Hyoyeon would also be present. When asked for spoilers, Hyoyeon then decided to talk about the possibility of a Girls’ Generation’s reunion. She shared, “Taeyeon, me and others artists will have a concert…” Fans think that it will be a year-end SM TOWN concert with all of the artists under the label. They hope that the artists that Hyoyeon mentioned also happen to be the other Girls’ Generation members who will join her and Taeyeon on stage.


While the Girls’ Generation members have been quite vocal this year about having a comeback, they have been busy with their individual gigs. Hyoyeon is busy recording her next album and planning DJ sets. The idol actors of the group on the other hand are busy with filming as Yuri returns to the big screen with the film, ‘Dolphin’. Sooyoung is busy with two K-dramas alongside actors like Ji Chang-wook and Jang Geun-suk.

Tiffany too is set to get into acting with her first K-drama ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate’. Seohyun meanwhile finished filming the film ‘Holy Night: Demon Hunters’. 4D entertainer Sunny has joined as the MC of the variety show ‘Love Catcher in Seoul’ while group leader Taeyeon is a regular on ‘Amazing Saturday’. We also had idol actor Yoona becoming the brand ambassador of Miu Miu.

‘What we really need is an SNSD comeback’

Fans trended Hyoyeon as they live-tweeted her Instagram Live. One fan joked, “Clown nation where u at.” Regarding her concert spoiler, another fan commented, “The othwr artist bettwr be yoona, seohyun, sunny, yuri, sooyoung and tiffany.” One posted, “SMTOWN concert as usual, but what we really need is an SNSD comeback.” Another added, “Imma just crii if there’s SNSD cb or even just a performance.”





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