Pentagon 'Cerberus': Yuto, Kino and Wooseok drop MV, fans hail ‘maknae triple threat’

The maknae line of Pentagon or as fans like to call them, 'mayo line' dropped 'Cerberus’, making fans go wild

                            Pentagon 'Cerberus': Yuto, Kino and Wooseok drop MV, fans hail ‘maknae triple threat’
Pentagon's maknae line up for their latest release 'Cerberus' (@cube_ptg/Instagram)

K-pop group Pentagon’s maknae (youngest) line is here with a sub-unit bop called ‘Cerberus’ which was released on August 18. The maknae line of Pentagon consists of Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok who have come together for a new single which is composed and produced by chAN’s as well as the three boys Kino, Wooseok, and Yuto. 

The lyrics of ‘Cerberus’ were written by the three members as well. Cerberus, also known as a hound of Hades aka ‘hellhound’ was a creature from ancient Greek mythology. The hellhound was a three-headed dog who would guard the gates of hell — Hades’ palace. 

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Cerberus concept

The music video of ‘Cerberus’ was released on August 18 at 6 pm KST (5 am PT) on YouTube as well as across multiple music platforms. A fun fact from the song is the boys calling back to an inside joke where they once chanted "mayonnaise" instead of “maknae” which is why Universes now calls them the “mayo line”.

As Cerberus is the dog that guards the gates of the netherworld, it is suspected that the maknae line is protecting Pentagon and Universe, their fandom as the older members are away. The younger boys are holding the fort down while protecting the fans and the group from any harm that is to come.

The maknae line of Pentagon for their latest release, 'Cerberus' (@cube_ptg/Instagram)

The music video

As soon as you enter the music video for ‘Cerberus’, you get to experience a party-like vibe. The three boys are more or less compared to the three hellhound heads who are sitting in a garage under a house to protect the owners from any threat that would come by.

The song starts with Wooseok talking about how they are the kids of the group and have mostly spent their time just making music and laughing with each other. Then comes the Japanese member Yuto who raps saying that he is not just as common as everyone else. He doesn't follow anyone and is someone who can speak in Japanese.

Adding Japanese lyrics to a Korean song with some English words, Yuto makes this song. Finally, we have Kino who talks about having the most fun and wanting to rest before working. He says that before resting he needs to work too so he writes his lyrics and then has his fun. Watch the music video below:


Maknae Triple Threat

One fan said, “the fact that pentagon’s maknae line casually dropping a trilingual song like it’s nothing,” another said, “adachi yuto looking so damn good.” Another fan pointed out the “Two sides of Jung Wooseok in Cerberus.”

One fan got emotional and said, “No matter what how many songs you will be releasing in units. UNIVERSE will always be there to hype and support #PENTAGON both individually and a group! We will spread the talented wonderful bunch whom we love.” Another said, “Kino's "aigoo" stays in my mind rent free.” while another said, “THIS IS SO COOL MAYONNAISE LINE SNAPPED Maknaes Triple Threat."









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