'Snowdrop': Jung Haein, Blackpink Jisoo drop new teaser, fans say ‘ready your tissues’

K-drama 'Snowdrop' is set during the political unrest in the '80s with Jisoo and Hae-in's characters finding love in the most unexpected places

                            'Snowdrop': Jung Haein, Blackpink Jisoo drop new teaser, fans say ‘ready your tissues’
'Snowdrop' second teaser ends with a plot twist (jTBC/Naver TV)

It looks like Jisoo’s fans went from crying for trailers and teasers of her K-drama to crying over them. The Blackpink star’s latest K-drama, ‘Snowdrop’ is now nearer than ever with the release date set for December 18. While the K-pop idol has had cameos in K-dramas like ‘Arthdal Chronicles Part 2’, ‘Snowdrop’ is her first leading project where she will be playing the main female lead. She has been cast opposite Jung Hae-in. The popular K-drama actor is known for his roles in the Netflix original black comedy ‘D.P.’ and romantic melodramas like ‘One Spring Night’.

There were a couple of obstacles to the drama as we had citizens submitting a petition to the government to cancel 'Snowdrop' for defamation of South Korean history to barely any pre-promotions. However, that is all in the past with fans looking forward to the K-drama. ‘Snowdrop’ is set during the political unrest in the 80s where student protesters took part in the June uprising. Jung Hae-in plays student protester Su-ho who is taken care of by Blackpink Jisoo’s Young-ro as he finds shelter at a girls university during a bloody riot.

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‘Snowdrop’ second teaser has fans worried

Many K-drama enthusiasts have found a pattern in romantic dramas that are set during the '80s uprising. The most recent melodrama, ‘Youth of May’ starring Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si of ‘Sweet Home’ fame was set in the same era with star-crossed lovers who have a very tragic ending. With ‘Snowdrop’s second teaser dropping, fans are not ready as there are hints of angst. The first teaser of ‘Snowdrop’ was bubbly and romantic as we see Jisoo and Hae-in’s characters first meeting and interactions. 

JTBC dropped a second teaser on November 19 on Naver TV that has given a little more information as to what to expect from ‘Snowdrop’. We get Jisoo narrating that her character, Young-ro has fallen in love at first sight with Su-ho. The narration is intercut with moments of the couple’s relationship as they exchange tender stares, dance and have tears in their eyes. The trailer ends with viewers finding out that the narration is being played on a record player by Su-ho in Young-ro’s bedroom and he tears up after the narration stops hinting at something tragic that has befallen Young-ro.

‘Actress Jisoo is here’

Fans trended ‘SNOWDROP SECOND TEASER’ and Jisoo as they are excited for the drama. One fan tweeted, “I m loving these theories,keep them coming ,sooyas are geniuses.” Another shared, “NO BCS LOOK AT HER EYES?!?! THEY SPEAK!! ACTRESS JISOO IS HERE!!” One added, “Ready your tissues,  the ending is screaming angst.” Another said, “No if you look at her here it really is true she not surviving you guys.”






'Snowdrop' will air on jTBC's channel and Disney Plus on December 18 at 10:30 pm KST (8:30 am ET).

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