Pentagon Hongseok's web drama 'Aquaman' to air this summer as singer continues military duty

Pentagon Hongseok's web drama 'Aquaman' to air this summer as singer continues military duty
‘Aquaman’ will star Pentagon’s Hongseok and actors Jung Woo-jin, Lee So-hee, and Shin So-hyun in the lead roles (@_hongseokie; @shinsso_14; @_so__h23/Instagram)

It looks like fans of Pentagon's Hongseok will be able to see the singer as an actor now that he has bid a temporary farewell after enlisting in the military. Hongseok became the third Pentagon member to enlist in the military on May 3 as he joined as an active on-duty soldier. Back in December 2021, it was announced that Hongseok would be starring in the K-drama ‘Aqua Man’ aka 'Aquaman,' a Kakao TV original web drama.

On May 12, Kakao Entertainment confirmed that the show will feature Pentagon’s Hongseok in the lead role alongside actors Jung Woo-jin, Lee So-hee, and Shin So-hyun. The drama will be 12 episodes long and will be the first-ever show starring Hongseok in the lead role after he appeared on the 2021 K-dramas ‘Blue Birthday’ and ‘Shadow Beauty’.


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Kakao TV’s ‘Aquaman’ starring Hongseok to release in Summer

Kakao Entertainment reported that the filming for the show is complete and ‘Aquaman’ will be 2022’s refreshing summer campus drama. The youth-based show follows the life of Shin Na-ru (played by Jung Woo-jin) who has been friends with Ji Seong-joon (played by Hongseok) for over nine years.

'Aquaman' is based on an original Kakao Webtoon of the same name which garnered 180 million views and a rating of 9.9 after its initial release. As the show broadcasts this summer, fans will rejoice at seeing the singer even though he would still be away serving his country.

Actors Jung Woo-jin, Lee So-hee, and Shin So-hyun alongside Pentagon’s Hongseok will appear in the Kakao TV drama 'Aquaman' (@_hongseokie; @shinsso_14; @_so__h23/Instagram)


The plot of Kakao TV’s ‘Aquaman’

‘Aquaman’ will be released in the months to come and will be shorter than a regular 16-episode drama. It tells the story of three long-time friends, namely Ji Seong-joon, Shin Na-ru, and Choi So-ra ( played by Lee So-hee). The introduction of Yoo So-mi (played by Shin So-hyun) into the mix brings strange changes to the group's dynamic, and fans are excited about all the ways the story could unfurl.

Hongseok’s character, Ji Seong-joon, is someone who looks cold on the outside but has a warm personality. He is also attractive and sociable, which is why he is always in love. Over the last few years, Pentagon’s Hongseok has built up his filmography step by step all thanks to his stable acting skills. Kakao TV is expected to reveal more details in the coming days, keeping fans of Pentagon’s Hongseok on their toes in anticipation.

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