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‘Shadow Beauty’: Release date, plot, where to watch Kakao TV show starring K-pop idols

Kakao TV announces the release date and more for the upcoming ‘Shadow Beauty’ with Bomin of Golden Child, Nagyung of Fromis_9 and Hongseok of Pentagon in lead roles
The K-drama 'Shadow Beauty' set to release in November with a stellar idol line-up for the cast (@kakaotvofficial/Twitter)
The K-drama 'Shadow Beauty' set to release in November with a stellar idol line-up for the cast (@kakaotvofficial/Twitter)

On October 20, it was announced that two of K-pop’s leading fourth generation idols were to join the K-drama remake of the famous webtoon called ‘Shadow Beauty’ by writer Ahum as the show's main leads. The K-drama features Bomin of Golden Child in the main role who was last seen in the popular K-drama ‘18 Again’ alongside Lee Dohyuk and Wi Hajun, who is now for his appearance in ‘Squid Game,’ the worldwide Netflix hit.

The show, ‘Shadow Beauty’ also known as ‘False Beauty’ by many fans will see Pentagon member Hongseok as the second lead of the drama. Hongseok was last seen and loved in the K-drama, ‘Blue Birthday.’ He was also seen in small roles in dramas like, ‘Move to Heaven’ and ‘Nickname Pine Leaf’. The show will also feature a member of the K-pop girl group, Formis_9, Nagyung, in the supporting role of “Genie” — the prettier version of the main character.


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Release Date

The K-drama, ‘Shadow Beauty’ or ‘False Beauty’ will release on November 20 at 8 pm KST (6 am ET) followed by new episodes every Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Number of Episodes

The K-drama is shorter than the usual 16-episode dramas. ‘Shadow Beauty’ will only have 13 episodes.


Where to watch 'Shadow Beauty'

The show is free to watch for fans from South Korea who can watch ‘Shadow Beauty’ on Kakao TV’s official website. International fans can watch the K-dram with a Viki Rakuten subscription.



The show, ‘Shadow Beauty’ is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Ahum, ‘Shadow Beauty’. The show is a 2021 romantic drama.



Never one to be considered beautiful by society’s standards, Koo Ae Jin (played by actress Shim Dal Gi) has lived a pretty miserable life. As a high school student, she is constantly tormented by her peers while even strangers on the street feel the need to insult her looks in passing. Despite being bullied by nearly everyone around her, Ae Jin has found a surprising way to cope.

Utilizing her skills with both makeup and photo editing, Ae Jin leads a secret life as Genie, a wildly popular social media influencer with more than 770,000 followers. Spending hours each day applying makeup and even more hours editing her photos, every photo Ae Jin posts on social media is sure to be a hit. As enjoyable as it is to live this double life, Ae Jin is horrified when one day Genie receives a text message that changes everything.

When she is sent an untouched photograph of herself, Ae Jin is suddenly painfully aware of the fact that someone knows her deepest secret. The question is, who? Searching desperately for the sender of that mysterious message, Ae Jin is shocked when she discovers who the culprit really is. Suddenly she finds herself wondering, how much longer will she be able to keep the truth hidden?



In the short trailer that released for the show, the character of Ae Jin, the main lead of the show is seen being picked at by her classmates as she sits in class one day without any expressions showing on her face but her inward turmoil evident through the violin playing in the back. The camera moves between frames where Ae Jin is sitting at her desk at home and tranforming herself into "Genie" as she puts on makeup and dons a wig to change her entire identity.

Watch the trailer here:



The show has a stellar K-pop idol lineup for the cast with famous music artists from K-pop's fourth-generation group of performers.

Shim Dal Gi as Koo Ae Jin / Genie [Main Role]


Bomin from Golden Child (Choi Bo Min) as Kim Ho In [Main Role]


Hongseok from Pentagon (Yang Hong Seok) as Lee Jin Sung


Nagyung from Formis_9 (Lee Na Gyung) as Genie


Heo Jung Hee as Yang Ha Neul


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