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'Overworked' Chuu to miss Loona's concert due to health reason, fans say 'we'll wait'

This is Loona's first offline concert with a live audience in almost three years
Chuu participates in the countdown for the concert (@loonatheworld/Twitter)
Chuu participates in the countdown for the concert (@loonatheworld/Twitter)

The iconic girl group that went viral for their boy group covers and ‘stan Loona’ meme is in the news nowadays too, but it's not for all the good reasons. We first had leader Haseul going on a one-year hiatus for her health. While Loona did get their first OT12 music show win with all 12 members present, it was followed by the rumors that their agency, Blockberry Creative, had gone bankrupt. Reports flooded in that they had not paid their staff members and outsourced services in months. With Chuu being the only member active, fans started believing the reports.

Even Loona’s Japanese debut in September 2021 had limited promotions and allegedly had a low budget which fans feel was visible through their music video. However, it looked like they were either rumors or Blockberry bounced back since they have big plans for their girl group in 2022. In January, they announced that Loona would be having their first hybrid concert as it would have a live audience and also be live-streamed. It would be their third offline concert in almost three years and the third online concert in half a year. Unfortunately, Chuu will be absent.

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Chuu to skip Loona’s first offline concert in 3 years

Loona’s upcoming concert ‘Loonaverse: From’ was in such high demand that the label added more tickets since it was sold out immediately. Being held on February 11 and 12, the organization, MyMusicTaste shared that they were also trying to plan Loona’s first world tour with the help of fans. But on February 8, Blockberry shared that Chuu would be absent from the concert. They explained that due to “health reasons” they had a deep discussion with Chuu and the other members and she decided to not attend.

While asking fans to send their good wishes for Chuu’s recovery, Blockberry added that if fans wanted to cancel their tickets, they could cancel till February 10 by 1 pm KST (12 am ET). Those who do so from the official merchant website by the deadline will get a full refund. Fans were disheartened but understood as Chuu has been overworked the whole of 2021. While the other Loona members were occasionally seen on variety shows as guests, Chuu has been booked and busy as part of regular cast members and hosts for over 15 shows. She also hosts her own show ‘Chuu Can Do It’.

‘Get well soon’

Fans were upset at the label as they made tweets like, “No like i’m rlly so mad abt chuu cuz they overworked my girl so much this past year and now she’s gotta miss out on seeing her fans in person for the first time in 2+ years…they were all looking forward to doing a concert as 12 too like it’s rlly f**k bbc.” Another Orbit posted, “I hope chuu takes time to rest :(( she was overworked ... pls take care chuu we will wait for you.”

Similarly, another fan shared, “My biggest fear was that chuu would get way too overworked given all the schedules shes had throughout the past year.. i really hope she gets as much rest as she can.” One commented, “I’m really sad to hear the news because i know how much she loves being on stage and the girls have been looking forward to it, but i care even more about her well-being. get well soon chuu, we love you so much."