‘Loonaverse: From’: Date, tickets and all about Loona’s concert and possible world tour

‘Loonaverse: From’: Date, tickets and all about Loona’s concert and possible world tour
Loona plans first offline concert in 3 years (@loonatheworld/Instagram)

2021 was a bittersweet year for Loona. While we got leader Haseul back after her one-year hiatus, it was reported that their label, Blockberry Creative had gone bankrupt. Reports came in that they were facing financial difficulties, hadn’t paid the staff members and outsourced services in months and that Loona’s future was uncertain. Even their Japanese debut in September was limited and allegedly had a low budget. But they were either rumors or the agency has bounced back since they are going all out for Loona in 2022 with a concert and world tour.

On January 17, MyMusicTaste, the K-pop platform that organizes events, concerts and world tours revealed that Loona would be having their first hybrid concert. This will be their third offline concert after three years and their third online concert in half a year. Their second online concert was in June 2021. Well, Loona is planning ‘Loonaverse: From’ which will be held in February. Additionally, MyMusicTaste has hinted that their first world tour is in the works and fans can actually help it become a reality with their participation.

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Concert dates

Loona’s concert ‘Loonaverse: From’ will be held on February 12 at 3 pm KST (1 am ET).

Venue and streaming platform

‘Loonaverse: From’ is a hybrid concert which means it will be held offline as well as live-streamed online for those who cannot attend the concert in person. The venue for the offline concert is Jangchung Arena in Seoul. It will be live-streamed on MyMusicTaste’s platform.



Where to buy tickets

The pre-sale of tickets for fan club members began on January 18. Purchase of general tickets will begin from January 19. Online tickets can be bought from MyMusicTaste’s website from January 19 at 1 pm KST (January 18 at 11 pm ET). For offline tickets, fan club members can purchase them from MelOn Ticket from January 18 at 8 pm KST (6 am ET) and general tickets can be purchased from January 19 at 8 pm KST (6 am ET).



Loona announced the concert with a poster of an hourglass through which water droplets are passing. The hourglass ending hints at Loona and Orbits (their fandom) finally meeting. With a starry background, it seems that we will be getting a space-themed concert.



World tour

Loona had previously announced their first world tour in 2019. Unfortunately, it did not happen. But now, MyMusicTaste has hinted that Loona could very well go on their first world in 2022. They have asked fans to ‘MAKE’ their city if they want it to be a tour stop in Loona’s world tour. It seems that the cities with the most ‘MAKE’ points will be suggested and most likely become a tour stop. MyMusicTaste has had several such successful fan campaigns and brought artists to perform in the most popular cities. Orbits can participate in the campaign for the girls’ world tour through MyMusicTaste’s website.


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