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NMIXX 'O.O': Did JYPE copy from Ateez, Loona on purpose? Fans unite to get justice

K-pop fans on Twitter have banded together to help Ateez and Loona get justice as JYPE allegedly plagiarized their concepts
UPDATED FEB 28, 2022
Fans claim NMIXX's debut concept has been copied from Ateez and Loona (@NMIXX_official, @ATEEZofficial, @loonatheworld/Twitter)
Fans claim NMIXX's debut concept has been copied from Ateez and Loona (@NMIXX_official, @ATEEZofficial, @loonatheworld/Twitter)

The backlash against JYPE is getting brutal as all of K-pop Twitter have decided to band together and help Ateez and Loona get justice. When the K-pop music label first introduced their new girl group NMIXX, Loona and Enhypen fans pointed out that their introductory teasers were too similar to their favorites’ concepts. Then with NMIXX’s debut single being leaked, aespa fans claimed ‘O.O’ was a bad copy of ‘Next Level’. SM fans were also indignant as JYPE claimed that they had created a new genre called MIXX Pop while NCT and aespa fans pointed out that it was just a fancy word for noise music. The last straw was when Ateez fans claimed NMIXX had completely copied their ‘Pirate’ storyline.

‘O.O’ was dubbed the worst K-pop debut by even American publications that barely cover K-pop. Meanwhile, Twitter saw fandoms come together to help Atinys (Ateez’s fandom) trend the fact that JYPE had stolen Ateez’s storyline. There has been much noise about the alleged plagiarism since NMIXX’s debut on February 22. However, many fans and YouTubers believe that it was a strategic move on JYPE’s part as there is no such thing as bad publicity. After all, K-pop Twitter is still talking about NMIXX a week after their debut.

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With 'O.O' dropping out of Korean charts within a day of their debut, NMIXX is being called as one of the least popular debuts from JYP Entertainment (@nmixx_official/Instagram)

Was NMIXX’s debut drama intentional?

Some NMIXX fans wondered if ‘O.O’ was not their actual debut and whether all the drama was just for 'shock value' to get people to notice the group in the overcrowded K-pop industry with several new debuts lined up in 2022. In fact, many fans felt that the new girl group's true potential would only be unleashed in their first comeback. While the girls had gone viral for their dancing and singing before they debuted, ‘O.O’ did not let the girls showcase these skills properly. We even had Form of Therapy, a K-pop Youtube reactor pointing out that 10 producers of different genres had worked on ‘O.O’ which means JYPE was not going for a traditional debut. With even non-fans getting curious about the plagiarism issue, the music video of ‘O.O’ has reached 40 million views in six days, which proves that JYPE’s tactic to get NMIXX noticed is working.

Ateez and Loona fans team up (@ATEEZofficial, @loonatheworld/Twitter)

But JYPE copying Ateez, Loona and several other K-pop groups on purpose, to create noise about NMIXX, is something K-pop Twitter is not happy about. One fan even recalled how JYPE immediately apologized to Blackpink’s label, YG for copying the girl group’s custom 'hanboks' (traditional dresses) for a TWICE music video. This has angered fans as neither Ateez nor Loona are from a big company and have claimed that this is why JYPE has been silent on the NMIXX plagiarism issue.


Atinys felt that JYPE had intentionally copied from Ateez as NMIXX even had a similar dance move that Ateez had created in their pre-debut days, “This one dance move proves everything. they can't say they "didn't see" that ateez already did this concept. they can't say they didn't steal from ateez on purpose.” Users also tried to understand JYPE, “At this point I feel like JYP did this on purpose cause all press is good press. But hey if they have a comeback that slays it will be the underdog story of the century,” and “Maybe JŸP did this on purpose?? like imagine how good their “humble beginnings” story gon be in a few years.” One user pitied NMIXX, “At this point JYP is doing it on purpose, publicity to be exact. Even if it's a bad reputation, it still is a publicity, I pity those girls tbh.”





'Ateez worked hard'

But whether JYPE plagiarized on purpose or not, Ateez and Loona fans are angry. One user tweeted, “I’m not an atiny but I’m always impressed by how ateez unfold their lore. their storyline is fascinating and I get it why JYP wants them. thank you for the free promo, ateez deserves the acknowledgment. like fr I’m gonna be so pissed if the girls happen to be more popular than the boys. ateez worked hard for it was stolen just like that? imagine have your ways up by robbing down others. Disgusting.”

More non-fans defended Ateez, “Im not an atiny but ppl who dont get the point that jyp STOLE their storyline, can u just WIDELY OPEN your eyes pls? EXACTLY SAME! like you’re doing your assignments then other ppl copied your assignment w/o your consent and you dont get mad? Srsly?” One fan put a side-by-side comparison of Ateez and NMIXX’s introductory prologues which was quite similar, “FOR EVERY PPL WHO'S DEFENDING JYP LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AND READ.” Another put a side-by-side comparison of NMIXX and Ateez’s music video to prove that plagiarism was involved, “I was really looking forward to their debut because I trust JYPe for their choreos and I enjoy their dances but...  you're giving us this?”





Loona fans join Atinys

As for Orbits (Loona’s fandom), they had initially given up as they had gotten hate for pointing out that NMIXX’s introductory pre-debut video was similar to Loona’s. However, they too have decided to speak up and have banded with Atinys to trend the matter on Twitter. One fan shared, “I saw an orbit twt earlier that said smtg along the lines of "we stopped when we got hate but they didnt.. they got hate every day and every hour but they didnt stop" 😭 if we dont talk abt the issue no one else will.. dont give up.” Another commented, “OH WE ARE NOT PLAYING OMYGOD.” One Atiny asked, “Im sorry but can nmixx fans help us with this issue yall don't want ur girlies to have diff and unique concept??” Another called out JYPE, “Hey JYP, do something.”




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