Girl group NMIXX releases debut teasers, Engenes call-out JYP for copying Enhypen

Girl group NMIXX releases debut teasers, Engenes call-out JYP for copying Enhypen
JYPE releases the debut teaser of their rookie girl group NMIXX who are soon to make their debut (@NMIXX_official/Twitter)

JYP Entertainment is currently trying to rebrand itself with the debut of more K-pop groups following the success of their new rock band, Xdinary Heroes which is making a fanbase of themselves so early on in their career. Now, the label is trying to do the same with a new girl group that will soon make a debut with JYPE. The label initially announced the group to be called JYPn but soon after all members of the group were revealed, the label announced a new name for the pre-debut group.

The seven-member girl group will be called NMIXX and will soon make its debut in the days to come. JYP Entertainment released their official concept trailer a day ahead of the debut teaser teasing the upcoming girl group, NMIXX which features all members of the group with up-close shots featuring each rookie member backed with addictive beats, loud bass, and drums playing in the background.


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NMIXX releases their debut teaser

On January 28, JYP released the debut trailer for NMIXX which opened with waves appearing on screen as a strong sound boasted in the background. The video featured dazzling visuals that focussed on each of the seven members of the group staring at the camera radiating sensuous visuals in front of a background of pitch-black darkness.

Other elements in the teaser included a wide sky, and vast nature, that gave away fresh visuals from each member as they make fans curious of their upcoming debut. NMIXX will be the first girl group to come from JYP after ITZY. The group NMIXX is making a debut with the greeting, “Nice to MIXX You!”


Did NMIXX copy Enhypen and Loona?

While NMIXX is bagging a lot of praise for their debut teaser, fans of other groups such as Enhypen and Loona are not pleased by the concept trailer released for NMIXX. NMIXX released their official concept trailer on January 27 as part of their debut schedule and were quickly attacked by multiple fandoms for the similarity between the teaser and the concept trailer of Ehypen.

The fandoms of the latter started attacking the producer of NMIXX stating that the concept of the group was unoriginal and completely mimicked the concept from Ehypen. Engenes (the fans of Ehypen) also pointed out how the ‘X’s in NMIXX had the exact same font as that in Enhypen’s. Not only that, Enhypen fans also pointed out that the concept trailer released from NMIXX had similar elements like the ariel shots from a beach, text written in front of fireworks as well as sea creatures like the jellyfish. 


While the concept trailer was accused of being copied from Enhypen, fans of Loona accuse that NMIXX allegedly copied aespa who had originally copied the girl group Loona. Fans have posted screenshots of scenes from the teaser from NMIXX and Loona’s old music videos to show the similarities between the two. While fans don’t completely blame the girls, they blame JYPE for not taking care of such issues before releasing the trailer.


'This is straight-up on JYPE'

Fans have started finding out how the new teasers from NMIXX are very similar to Enhypen and Loona's teasers. One fan said, "I'm all for nmixx having lore but it feels like. they're only doing it cause aespa does and it already has elements of loona and dreamcatchers lore it feels. lazy." Another fan said, "Nmixx trying to copy loona and enhypen... my ults might be more relevant than i thought they were?

One more fan pointed how NMIXX has the same producer as Enhypen to which another fan responded saying, "Digipedi doesn't normally copy and paste their past MV concepts, this is straight up JYPE." One more Engene said, "There's, again, there's no denying that the style of the NMIXX trailer actually came across very close to Enhypen."

One more fan said, "We're not gatekeeping this kind of narration thingy but there fact that jyp just changed the border to "frontier" plus the colon ??? no one's doing it before like enhypen not until you guys. hoping for your successful debut lol."












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