'Mystery man' seen with slain University of Idaho students is 'cooperating with police'

'Mystery man' seen with slain University of Idaho students is 'cooperating with police'
A mystery man was seen hovering around two of the four slain University of Idaho students just hours before they were found murdered (@kayleegoncalves/Instagram, @johnwebbtv/Twitter)

MOSCOW, IDAHO: Two of the four University of Idaho students who were killed on November 13, were last seen alive ordering at a food truck in Moscow, Idaho, at about 1.41 am, according to the food truck's live stream on Twitch. In the video, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves ordered $10 worth of carbonara from Grub Truckers and waited about 10 minutes for their food. They could be seen chatting with each other as they waited.

Mogen and Goncalves were seen grabbing late-night meals as a man loitered by the truck. This was just hours before they and two other students were discovered stabbed to death at an off-campus house on Sunday, November 13, as per the NY Post. The mystery man has been identified and is apparently cooperating with police. Goncalves’ sister Alivea said that she was the one who alerted the cops about the footage. "Yeah, I think a lot of people were curious about that person," Alivea told host Chris Cuomo in an appearance on NewsNation. "We were able to identify him and as far as I know he has cooperated with the police. And that’s all that I know about that."


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The video showed the unidentified man wearing a black cap, walking behind the two girls, then hovering nearby as they chatted with each other and checked their phones. He then put a white hood over his head and seemed to follow them after they left. It’s difficult to tell in the video if he speaks with them. Alivea said she "never heard any follow-up" after she first contacted cops about the video the day of the killings, then reached out again several days later with more about the footage. "That was a little frustrating but again there are so many agencies involved, I can’t say I necessarily blame them," she said.

Alivea called for continued public attention on the gruesome murders. The grieving sister remembered her sister as a go-getter and an absolute fighter. "I want people to take this personally because she was everyone’s daughter," she said. "She’s the neighbor, she’s the friend, you know she was the girl who made your coffee in the morning and everyone should be taking this personally. This happened in a small town and I absolutely understand that local authorities were probably overwhelmed and I don’t blame them at all — they did exactly what they should have done," she said. "But we’re losing critical time and I want more coverage, I want more done. I understand that we can’t release information, it’s an ongoing investigation — I don’t ask for that. I don’t want to impede on anything," she added. "But I want more people speaking out and if that takes the police to push that agenda, that’s fine. Unfortunately, I feel like it’s been me and the families pushing that agenda and that’s been very difficult." 

The weapon used to kill the victims has not yet been located. Police investigators were forced to search the entire contents of the garbage truck at the depot just outside Moscow, Idaho on Friday, November 18. This was because the cops had allowed a garbage truck to collect trash from the home of the killings before it was searched. The truck arrived at the waste depot, and police were seen filtering through the trash bags in search of the possible murder weapon, reported Daily Mail.

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