NCT's Yuta stars in Vogue Japan's SENSUAL Tom Ford video, fans say 'prettiest man in the world'

NCT's Yuta starred in a Tom Ford Neroli Portofino fragrance video for Vogue Japan that marks his recent step in the world of fashion

                            NCT's Yuta stars in Vogue Japan's SENSUAL Tom Ford video, fans say 'prettiest man in the world'
Yuta featured in (right) the Vogue Japan video, collaborating with Tom Ford's fragrances Neroli Portofino and Oud Wood (Instagram/yuu_taa_1026, YouTube/Vogue Japan)

Vogue Japan on Sunday, June 20, released a video in collaboration with Tom Ford, featuring NCT member Nakamoto Yuta, and fans took in a long, hard whiff of the sultriness. Narrated in his own voice, the video marks Yuta's recent step into the world of fashion was to Tom Ford's fragrances Neroli Portofino and Oud Wood.

Neo Culture Technology's members have been in the news in recent times. In June this year, 'dance genius' NCT U Shotaro who 'learned grooving before walking' took on the challenge of teaching NCT 127's Jungwoo some quirky dance moves.


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But Monday brought only love for Yuta, as Twitter users fangirled and fanboyed over his suave moves as he traveled with the scent of the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino perfume in a trending new video. "Whenever I’m alone, there’s this thing I always do…I write down the words that suddenly come to me. With this scent, with Neroli Portofino, I embark on a journey. There’s depth within the refreshing image of summer. There’s something so alluring about it," The talented Yuta, known for his good looks and following says in Japanese as he revels sensually but poetically in the perfume.

Yuta collaborates with Tom Ford's fragrances Neroli Portofino and Oud Wood (YouTube/Vogue Japan)


"The scent blends with the people and places. It can be said that many memories are packed within this scent. I somehow end up missing that person or that time, and the feelings of nostalgia take over me," he says in the video where he also plays guitar and transforms himself for a night out with the choice musky Oud Wood fragrance. "In addition to fashion and makeup, this scent helps reflect one’s interior. With the help of this scent, moods can be lifted. I express myself with this scent," he concludes.

Explaining the idea, Vogue Japan in the video wrote that the “scent styling allows you to enjoy different scents according to the scene, just like changing clothes", reports Envi.



'Ideal "bad boy" boyfriend'

Fans on Twitter went absolutely bonkers over the 25-year-old Japanese singer and dancer. "Yuta nakamoto is THE ideal bad boy boyfriend you will never have," said a fan. "His voice is so comforting and soothing," said another. "Goodbye Nakamoto Yuta is the prettiest human being in this world," said a fan. "This angle isn't supposed to be this flattering BUT YUTA DID THAT," another chimed in. "Yuta THERE ARE CHILDREN HERE," quipped a fan.







'Did it all by himself'

"Big brands usually pick who they want to pick. So i'm guessing Tom Ford & Vogue skimmed through JP's rising star and picked Yuta. Honestly don't think it's SM since they don't have that big enough influence. So it's Yuta own achievement!," said a Twitter user. "The neos are getting such insane brand deals with jaehyun x prada and now yuta x tom ford this is insane," observed another.

"All the big things that yuta has achieved, his solo jobs, interviews, featurings, appearances, sns milestone, regular radio, magazines, photoshoots, short movie for fragrance & all the other new things he achieved is definitely bcoz of his own hardwork. he did it all by himself," a third pitched in.





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