Ten and YanYang 'Low Low': Release date and all you need to know about WayV sub-unit's single

NCT’s Chinese group WayV announces their official sub-unit with Ten and YangYang

                            Ten and YanYang 'Low Low': Release date and all you need to know about WayV sub-unit's single
WayV announces their official sub-unit with Ten and YangYang's new single, 'Low Low' (@wayvofficial/Instagram)

NCTzens were happily swamped with back-to-back releases topped with an announcement of a new sub-unit single followed by Ten’s English single, ‘Paint Me Naked’ on August 12. NCTzens had a lot to celebrate about. NCT’s Haechan and Doyoung came together to vocalize for, ‘Maniac’ their new collaborative single with Ryan Jhun that made fans talk about how well they complimented each other.

Along with that, NCT U’s hit song, ‘Make a Wish’ got its own orchestra version blowing fans’ minds even more as the fun cheery song was given a classical twist that had fans think they watched a Ghibli movie. NCTzens also took to SM Entertainment’s official post to point out the fact that they had not addressed the Doyoung and Haechan collab.


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TenYang sub-unit revealed

Ten is catching much the buzz off lately after making heads turn with his single, ‘Paint Me Naked’. He is one of the Chinese members of NCT and is a part of NCT’s official Chinese group, WayV. The group is now being divided into sub-units. WayV’s first sub-unit, with members Kun and Xiaojun, released their first single album, ‘Back to You’ containing three songs on June 16, 2021.

On August 12, WayV took to Twitter to tease their new sub-unit with members Ten and Yang Yang. The single is called, ‘Low Low’ and is all set to release on August 17, 2021, at 6 pm KST (5 AM ET) on all leading music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and melOn.

They revealed the poster for this new single which had a vibrant blue in the background and both boys in yellow-colored outfits with sunglasses on their person. The picture has Yang Yang wearing his sunglasses and looking into the distance while Ten has the sunglasses on his head while he looks right into the camera. 

YangYang and Ten will collab in a sub-unit single, 'Low Low' all set to release on August 17. (@wayvofficial/Instagram)


NCTzens are truly blessed

Fans felt overwhelmed with content back to back when one fan talked about the sub-unit combination saying, “Wow it's ever crossed my mind and suddenly we'll get this pretty man with his baby in one unit.” and another was so shocked by the news of this release that they said, “I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT I CAN EXPECT FROM Y GUYS ANYMORE.”





Another said, “What are we meant to do with all this content!?!? Nctzens are truly blessed.” pointing at the constant content they are getting off lately while another couple of fans interacted with each other saying, “NCTZENS LUCKIEST AND MOST SPOILED  FANDOM. WE'RE WINNING!” to which another said, “Non-zens jealous era.” about non NCTzens missing out. Another fan said, "THEY'RE GIVING US A TENYANG UNIT LET ME TAKE THIS FOR A MOMENT." while one more fan talked about Ten being extremely packed with his schedules saying, "Guys, Ten is booked and busy and I'm HERE FOR IT!!"