NCT 2021: SM slammed as main vocalists Taeil, Kun, Renjun go missing from most subunits

From the 13-track album 'Universe', Taeil, Kun and Renjun are only performing 3 songs so far

                            NCT 2021: SM slammed as main vocalists Taeil, Kun, Renjun go missing from most subunits
Taeil, Kun and Renjun are main vocalists in NCT (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

It has long been established that K-pop groups are quite different from traditional bands. In bands, each member has a distinct position whether it is with instruments or vocals. However, since K-pop groups focus on singing and dancing, agencies fixate on getting all-rounders, who are good in all positions and can be interchanged. The members can rap, sing and dance. And it can get quite difficult for everyone to get equal screentime and lines as seen with Taeil, Kun and Renjun from the 23-member group NCT.

With 23 members and counting, NCT’s label SM has divided the K-pop group into fixed sub-units so that each member has equal line distribution but it is still unfair as we have members like Jaemin, Johnny or Winwin barely getting any lines in their sub-units like NCT Dream, NCT 127 and WayV. This is why for NCT 2021, the full group comeback, we have tracks that will be performed by members divided into sub-units. Unfortunately, the sub-unit distribution has made fans of Taeil, Kun and Renjun angry.


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Taeil, Kun and Renjun are main vocalists in NCT (@NCTsmtown/Twitter)

Taeil, Renjun and Kun are left out

It has been revealed that for NCT 2021’s ‘Universe' album, there are 13 tracks. And apart from ‘Beautiful’ which will be performed by all the members participating in this comeback, the rest of the tracks are sung by sub-units. These temporary sub-units are dubbed NCT U. The first sub-unit was announced for the second title track ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)', followed by the remaining tracks.

Fans pointed out that Mark was in the most sub-units as he will be performing 7 songs. The newest member, Sungchan only has 3 songs. On the other hand, it has been revealed, that so far, main vocalists Taeil, Kun, Renjun only have 3 songs too. One of them is the all-member title track ‘Beautiful’. The second is the track sung by their respective fixed sub-units and the third is the temporary NCT U track.


While NCT has 23 members, each and every one of them is a talented singer, including the rappers. However, out of them, we have some who are vocal powerhouses and hence are the main vocalists in their respective sub-units. There are 3 main vocalists in each of the sub-units. Taeil is of NCT 127, Renjun is of NCT Dream and Kun is of WayV. Kun also happens to be the leader of his sub-unit. But with them participating in barely any sub-units apart from the title track, fixed sub-unit track and the usual R&B ballad, fans are upset. It should be noted that two more songs’ sub-units will be announced in the following days.

'Doesn't sit right with me'

NCTzens have been trending the members as they made reaction memes and tweets like, “Renjun, taeil and kun only have 1 song doesn't sit right with me ... like wtf are you thinking sm? Seriously!?!,” “When will taeil chenle kun and renjun break the ballad curse i also want them in an ass-shaking song,” and “I really think kun, taeil, renjun & chenle deserves better.” Previously, Chenle barely had any screentime in the video teasers. One fan added, “The lack of taeil in these units.”

Another said, “Renjun, Kun and Taeil are the most abused as far as the lineup is concerned, they only participate in two songs on the album removing the main [track] from their unit. There are two songs to be announced and I see that they have [been] cast [in] the ballads again. But at least I hope they ARE THERE.” One commented, “Surely gonna punch SM if kun only participate in only 3 songs.” Another fan shared, “Kun renjun and taeil are all main vocals but are so far in only one nct u unit (not counting ot21). they deserve so much better. f*ck sm.” One posted, “Renjun didn’t sacrifice his youth to be treated this way.”










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