#ProtectLucas: Internet divided as fans keep defending NCT idol over gaslighting claims

More drama ensues as fans of Lucas rise to protect the idol while the general users reprimand their actions on Twitter

                            #ProtectLucas: Internet divided as fans keep defending NCT idol over gaslighting claims
Fans trend 'Protect Lucas' and 'Lucas is Innocent' amid gaslighting and other scandals (@lucas_xx444/Instagram)

The entire NCT Lucas gaslighting fiasco is not nearing an end and fans are not ready to let the idol's name get tainted without solid proof. With the idol's label silent about their investigation of the alleged victims of Lucas who claimed on Twitter that he was gaslighting them, fans are getting restless and every day there is a new Twitter trend about the idol who is on hiatus. However, just like there are two sides to every story, so is the case with NCT and WayV member Lucas Wong's gaslighting and cheating fiasco.

Lucas has been targeted by some on social media who are of the opinion that fans need to get out of their dream world and realize that idols are humans too and are bound to make mistakes. Instead of defending these idols, they urge, fans should support the victim in the event. Even if this was all fake, it is better to support a liar than a sexual offender. Fans, on the other hand, do not agree with this claim.


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Fans side with Lucas

Lucas’ fans claim that the entire situation has been “debunked” by cyber security while it has also been alleged that the proof that the victims have shared are all concocted and clips, photographs, and edited audio notes all shared with fans via their fan cafes. Fans claim that if the victims are sided with and no one supports the idol, the damage done to the idol's reputation will be too high even if the 'victim' is revealed as a liar.

Fans consider this to be the only time they can do their best to defend the idol by making newer Twitter spaces to raise awareness about the claims against Lucas. It was earlier reported that the Twitter space, ‘Lucas Out’, was closed off after the members sided with the victims. Fans of the idol have taken it upon themselves to talk about Lucas and draw attention to his situation by trending tags like #ProtectLucas, #LucasBestBoy, and #LucasWeLoveYou among others.


Lucas’ fans questioned

All these claims and protests by fans to get an answer from SM Entertainment has led many who support the victims to voice their opinions on Twitter. One person said, “So what exactly are you guys protecting? someone who all his fanbases in his own country dropped and was accused of sleeping with fans. like are you just here because you think he's cute? cause its clearly not the personality. how sad, like its just i-fans.” Another user asked, “Protect him from what? accountability?” To this another user replied, “These spaces are so unnecessary, you can not either prove or deny it.”

One fan responded to the tweet saying, “Innocent until proven guilty. stop hating on lucas. just sit back and let the truth come out. y’all could potentially ruin an innocent person mentally and if anything happens to him, that’s on you lot. don’t defend and don’t hate. just stay neutral.” To this, one user responded by saying, “I'm sorry but I'm extremely sure that it's guilty until proven innocent. Always believe the victim.” Fans still rose to defend the idol saying, “Dude, every single picture they used to accuse him is edited and proven false it's been proven he wasn't even near the areas mentioned by the fake accuser. It's all false. Get over it another fan just upset he wasn't available and tried to ruin him for it.” Another user said, “A victim spoke up about him sa her, yet people are believing him and try to justify it.” One fan said, “I'm protecting him because he's innocent, they said the accusations were false.”

A user on Twitter asked, “If he was innocent, he wouldn’t be on hiatus rn.” One more user pointed out, “The fact that you all decided to host a space to invalidate all of his victims is downright disturbing. you don't know this man and it's clear what he portrayed thus far was a character. besides what can YOU do to protect him from jail? NOTHING so shut up!”