'SNL' Finale encourages parents to 'let kids drink', fans call it upsetting and inappropriate

'Saturday Night Live' introduced a new song to the world called 'Let Kids Drink' and it looks like it has left the fans divided

                            'SNL' Finale encourages parents to 'let kids drink', fans call it upsetting and inappropriate

'Saturday Night Live' had many good segments up their sleeves for the finale of the show. The at-home edition of the show decided to dedicate a special song to all the parents and eventually wrapped a little piece of advice for everyone as they sang the song 'Let Kids Drink'. The song managed to poke fun of how children could spend their time in quarantine as parents spend their days with them.

The comedy sketch revolved around frustrated people who had been in lockdown ever since the government called to inform that everyone has to quarantine. The song hinted that everyone should be drinking, right from dogs to children, and ended with Beck Bennett drinking all by herself. 

With all the exhausted cast members becoming a part of the song, it seemed like a perfect song to make everyone laugh. unfortunately, there were a few people who thought that the song was not funny and was rather upsetting. One comment read, "The 'Let Kids Drink' is upsetting. Even just seeing young kids appearing to be passed out with empty alcohol bottles is terrible. It’s a flop."

Another read, "The worst thing I’ve ever seen on SNL. 'let kids drink' - do you guys don’t understand what’s happening w alcohol and families during this quarantine?? Lots of alcoholic parents finding it fun to drink w their kids. The results are not funny. Jokes about kids/drunks not cool."

While another added, "SNL made a song called 'Let Kids Drink' I can't believe SNL would promote this, do they think this is funny?"

"I'm all for pushing the comedic envelope but I think tonight's skit on SNL 'Let Kids Drink' is a little uncalled for and inappropriate even for SNL," read another. 

Meanwhile, there were many others who thought that the skit was too funny as one comment read, "SNL has been offending people for 45 years. It's literally their job. If you're offended by the Let Kids Drink skit you're officially old."

Another wrote, "There are two types of people in the world. The ones who think Let Kids Drink was freaking hysterical and the ones that have no sense of humor."

"Ppl seeing that SNL made a song called 'Let Kids Drink' that is clearly satire and a joke because it's known to sketch comedy show SNL," wrote one user and added, "I can't believe SNL would promote this rn do they think this is funny ofc they think it's funny they're SNL that's literally the point."

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