NCT 127 announces repackage album 'Favorite' soon after 'Sticker' era ends

NCT 127 announces repackage album 'Favorite' soon after 'Sticker' era ends
NCT 127 announce repackage album (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

NCT 127’s ‘Sticker’ might just be their most successful album to date. And so with the promotional era ending, it looks like fans, as well as the K-pop group, are not ready to let go. In fact, just a day after NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) said goodbye to ‘Sticker’, the boy group decided to come back once again. With SM’s schedule being leaked, fans already knew we would be getting a repackaged album from NCT 127. But it was officially announced on October 8.

It looks like the repackaged album of ‘Sticker’ will be titled ‘Favorite’. Fans won’t have to wait long since it seems that the album is set to be released two weeks later and it has quite some big shoes to fill. ‘Sticker’ made history and broke several records by reaching 1 million pre-orders in a day and made NCT 127 double-million sellers a day before the release. It is still winning at music shows with the boys bagging their 10th win and third consecutive win at ‘M Countdown’. Well, here’s all about the repackaged album.


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Release date

NCT 127’s ‘Favorite’ will be released on October 25 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). Pre-orders begin on October 8.

Where to listen

The repackaged album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.


1. ‘Favorite’ - Title track
2. ‘Love On The Floor’
3. ‘Pilot’

The album has a total of 14 tracks. Aside from the three new songs, the rest of the album will have the 11 tracks from ‘Sticker’.



‘Favorite’ is NCT 127’s third reissue. Their previous one, ‘Neo Zone: The Final Round’ had been their best-selling repackage album, having sold more than 682k copies and becoming a platinum seller. With ‘Sticker’ exceeding expectations, ‘Favorite’ might be breaking more records. ‘Sticker’ topped several charts like iTunes and was #1 on Japan’s Oricon, Gaon, Billboard World Album and Independent Album charts. ‘Sticker’ also secured #3 on Billboard 200. NCT 127 also became the 5th best selling K-pop act with 5.4 million sales total. They even got their first triple crown with a win on every music show and an all-kill on MelOn by topping all of their charts.

'It happened so fast'

Fans found it hilarious that they couldn’t get the spoilers that NCT 127 had dropped for the reissue, “NCT 127 spoiling Favorite.” Another added, “MANIFESTING: "someone ordered an NCT 127 FAVORITE album for you." NCTzens also poked fun at the social media layout, “it took 500 years for the resonance layout to change into sticker and 5 minutes for the sticker layout to turn into the favorite one,” “I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY STICKER ALBUM AND NOW NCT 127 CHANGED THEIR LAYOUT,” and “It happened so fast 😭 the favourite one will probably be gone just as fast too and we'll be stuck with the nct 2021 layout for 400 years again.”






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