NCT Dream's Jeno and (G)I-DLE's Miyeon to collab with Super Junior's Donghae

For Super Junior D&E's 1st Korean studio album, Donghae will have solo tracks that might feature Jeno and Miyeon

                            NCT Dream's Jeno and (G)I-DLE's Miyeon to collab with Super Junior's Donghae
Donghae, Jeno and Miyeon set to collab for D&E's 1st K-pop album (@leedonghae, @nct_dream, @official_g_i_dle/Instagram)

Having debuted with more than 10 members in 2005, Super Junior has since branched out. From establishing their own label under SM to manage their activities to balancing everyone’s individual schedules, the iconic K-pop group is still going strong. And after their first comeback of 2021 with their 10th K-pop album, we are now getting sub-units. It was revealed last month that the sub-unit D&E would be coming back soon and we are also getting collaborations with NCT Dream’s Jeno and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.

The sub-unit Super Junior D&E consists of dancer and rapper Donghae and Eunhyuk. They released their fifth EP ‘Bad Blood’ back in September 2020. And after a year, it has been announced that they’re making a comeback again. They’re set to release their third studio album and first Korean album ‘Countdown’ at the end of October. It also happens to coincide with their 10th debut anniversary due to which they’re going all out for it. 

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Super Junior D&E's first K-pop album

Super Junior D&E released a medley that includes previews of tracks ‘Growing Pains, ‘Bout You’, ‘B.A.D’, ‘No Love’, ‘Danger’, and ‘Oppa, Oppa’. While the album does not have a set release date, it has been revealed that the members will have solo pre-released singles. And it looks like Donghae’s solo tracks have been discovered. The tracklist hasn’t been officially released yet, but some of it was sent to KBS for broadcasting approval. And according to it, we will be getting collaborative tracks that feature NCT Dream’s Jeno and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.


NCT's Jeno and (G)I-DLE's Miyeon collab with Donghae

NCT and NCT Dream’s Jeno is Super Junior’s labelmate and has been quite close to Donghae since his rookie days. It is reported that he will be featured on Donghae’s solo track ‘California Love’. On the other hand, Miyeon is set to feature on the track ‘Blue Moon’. This is Miyeon’s second project with SM Entertainment as it has been confirmed that she will also be working with another artist under the label. She has been roped in for DJ Raiden’s first mini-album ‘Love Right Back’ and will be featured on the track ‘Side Effect’.


'The talent'

Excited multi-fans have been trending Jeno and Miyeon. Jeno fans made posts like, “From taking care and guiding jeno since he was small to singing together and featuring jeno in his song theres no words to express my gratitude to donghae for being the best senior for jeno,” and “Jeno and donghae together — a thread, in the honour of their collab!” Miyeon fans made tweets like, “Can't believe miyeon has her own radio show plus variety show, is mceeing on mcountdown, nd is also being featured on two songs for an sm artist... MIYEON BOOKED ND BUSY,” and “And also donghae with miyeon from (g)-idle??? THE TALENT THE VISUALS THE EVERYTHING.”





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