'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Dr Sarah Haller helps Kim who has 'hobbit feet'

'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4: Dr Sarah Haller helps Kim who has 'hobbit feet'
Dr Sarah Haller (L) treated Kim (R) who had rheumatoid arthritis and was in great agony in the recent episode of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4 (TLC)

Kim, a woman suffering from agonizing pain in her feet, seeks Dr Sarah Haller's help for relief. She travels to New Jersey to alleviate the agony of walking on pins and needles and to spend more time with her grandchild.

In the latest episode of 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4, Kim describes the pain in her foot as "throbbing" and "scorching" and expresses her desire to be able to play with her 11-year-old granddaughter Taylor. Kim says she has been dealing with the discomfort for almost two decades now and struggled to be involved in her family's lives. She contacts Dr Sarah for assistance in correcting her toes, which are crossed. She admits that she doesn't want to be confined to a seat anymore.


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Kim refers to her condition as "hobbit feet" and describes her ordeal of getting "shooting pain". She had previously sought medical assistance but received no help. She said that she had resorted to stepping on the side of her foot to minimize skin contact with the top of the shoe because it ached. Dr Sarah, who used to be a dancer, understands Kim's anguish since it is akin to having one's feet placed in a tight sharp shoe, which finally damages the wearer's feet. Kim's damaged toes immediately made Dr Sarah realize how much agony she was in. The doctor said that Kim's condition appears to be not just uncomfortable but also abnormal.

Kim disclosed that she had rheumatoid arthritis (chronic joint destruction), which predisposes a person to various types of dislocation. The joints come out of the socket and go somewhere they shouldn't in the condition. Dr Sarah understands that there is something underneath there that has to be exposed. She has her job cut out for her but makes sure to treat Kim the best she can as the patient has been in the greatest agony of her life for the past five years.

Dr Sarah characterized the foot as one of the "good luck symbols" after inspecting it. She said that one can see through the socks that the toes are fully in the incorrect place. Kim's foot had twists and lumps all over it, which Dr Sarah compared to "garlic knots". Viewers had a slew of reactions to the episode. One viewer on social media compared Kim's feet to the cross-finger emoji and wrote, "Watching #MyFeetAreKillingMe and this ladies toes are crossed like this."


Another fan tweeted, "#Myfeetarekillingme This lady feet twisted...literally!"


One fan joked how Kim's toes looked like that of a person throwing gang signs. The tweet read, "Watching #myfeetarekillingme and this ladies toes are legit throwing up gang signs and I---."


As the condition was so severe, Dr Sarah was very baffled as to how Kim had been walking. Her feet are a shambles because of her rheumatoid arthritis, which has entirely damaged her foot joints. Due to the displacement of the bones, the toes are now crossed over one another. Dr Sarah intends to use screws and plates to return them to their proper place. She suggests surgery to properly straighten Kim's big toe, which she accepts. During that one procedure, she handles every bone in the front of Kim's foot. It alters the position of the bone and the appearance of the real joint, which can be perplexing.

Dr Sarah intends to extract portions of those bones and straighten all the toes during the difficult procedure. Kim's arthritis had deteriorated the majority of her cartilage, so it kept falling off throughout the procedure. Dr Sarah shaved away the remaining cartilage as the toe was not aligned with the bone behind it. The doctor removes precisely the proper amount of bone to straighten it out. However, she battled with the second bone near the bottom of the foot, which Dr Brad subsequently assisted in removing with the use of a McGlamary, a multipurpose surgical device.

Dr Sarah tells Kim that after the current deteriorated bones are removed and the proper screws are put in, she will be able to walk painlessly. She pins the toes with the help of some wires to keep them straight. After 6 weeks, the wire will be removed. Kim returns to Dr Sarah with a fully new foot three months after the massive reconstruction. Even though there was tiny scarring on Kim's foot, Dr Sarah assured her that it will be gone with time.

The before and after look of Kim's feet in 'My Feet Are Killing Me' Season 4 (TLC)

Tune into TLC next week at 9 pm for the final episode of 'My Feet are Killing Me' Season 4.

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