'Monsters At Work' Episode 4: Who is Mike Wazowski's nemesis?

'Monsters At Work' features the voice talents of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Mindy Kaling amongst others

                            'Monsters At Work' Episode 4: Who is Mike Wazowski's nemesis?
Gary voiced by Gabriel Iglesias plays Mike Wazowski's arch nemesis in 'Monsters At Work' (YouTube)

Mike Wazowski had better keep his eye on the competition on the latest episode of 'Monsters At Work' because another one-eyed monster who is everything Mike isn't, particularly when it comes to charm and efficiency, Gary (Gabriel Iglesias) is making waves at Monsters Incorporated and is bowling everyone over, even the cantankerous Roze. Gary doesn't shy away from rubbing his superiority in Mike's face, even if Mike is amongst the top two Monsters at Monsters Inc. these days. It's unclear what has led to the rivalry between Mike and Gary, but two one-eyed monsters with plenty of sass certainly make for fun viewing. 

Mike decides that the perfect way to bowl over Gary once and for all is at the annual Bowl-off-a-thon where he decides to show off his newfound standing on the corporate ladder by sponsoring a team that new employee Tylor Tuskman (Ben Feldman) offers to put together hoping to get into Mike's good books and finally become a Jokester on the Laugh floor. 


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Tylor thinks he's definitely got an in with the man at the top Mike when his scatterbrained boss Fritz (Henry Winkler) tells him that the M.I.F.T. team (Monsters Inc Facilities Team)  Tylor is reluctantly a part of has a lot of people who are great bowlers. Tylor then tells Mike about the 'great' team he has assembled and Sully even comes up with a name for Mike's team the 'Big Wazowskis' rather appropriate since John Goodman who voices Sully has famously been a part of 'The Big Lebowski'. But Tylor's dreams of impressing Mike are soon taken down a peg or should that be a pin or two in this case when he discovers that the M.I.F.T team is horrendous bowlers. Will the 'Big Wabowskis' lose miserably and will Tylor's career at Monsters Incorporated also be down the gutter when Mike Wazowski is possibly forced to do Gary's paperwork and be his butler for a month. To find out you can catch the latest episode of 'Monsters At Work' streaming on Disney +.