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Monsta X’s I.M drops angsty music video for ‘Loop’ with Baverse Studio

Monsta X's I.M has teamed up with Baverse Studio for a documentary, animated film and the original single 'Loop'
I.M in 'Loop' music video (Baverse Studio/YouTube)
I.M in 'Loop' music video (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Baverse Studio is going all out for their ‘Welcome to my Baverse’ documentary series. They launched it by featuring the likes of Woodz, Monsta X’s I.M and Sumin. And along with the documentaries, they are also producing exclusive content like animated short films and music videos. We first got Woodz to release his original song ‘Lullaby’ for Baverse and now we have I.M’s ‘Loop’.

I.M’s documentary tugged Monbebes’ hearts as he got frank about his struggles in the K-pop industry and the trauma he had endured for choosing to become an idol. The youngest Monsta X member got real while chatting with old friends like labelmate and singer Junggigo, Astro’s JinJin and Jooheon. He also talked about his passion for music, his dreams and his music-making process which he showed us while making ‘Loop’.


Monsta X's I.M Baverse documentary air time and where to watch artists' true stories

Monsta X I.M recounts K-pop struggles in Baverse documentary with Jooheon and JinJin


I.M creates ‘Loop’ for Baverse

For ‘Loop’, I.M was inspired by the anxiety he had of his different past selves and the future of his career. He explained that he had three defining moments in his life. One was when he dropped out of school. The second when he had his first break up. And his third defining moment was when he debuted as an idol. He revealed that he had never actually adjusted to the changes these three moments brought into his life. Instead, he adopted different personas to deal with the aftermath of each incident. So he uses ‘Loop’ to get out of the anxiety he has, embracing his different alter-egos.

In the documentary, we also saw his first step to making music as he made a collage of all the things that reminded him of his childhood and past selves. He explained that instead of using a lot of words, one can share their message more convincingly if they’re still, and other than the song, it is sometimes the visuals of the music video or the concept photos that are “more extreme.”


Like his solo music and lead single ‘God Damn’ which we hear at the beginning of the music video, ‘Loop’ is a laidback and mellow R&B song with signature I.M sounds like drum samplers. The bilingual song shows off his skill at writing English, as well as Korean lyrics. The music video is as angsty as it can get with I.M trying to overcome his emotions by playing with different elements like water and fire.

Watch the music video below.


'Purple in my head'

Monbebes trended #IM_LOOP_OUTNOW and ‘LOOP MV RELEASE’ to hype up the music video. One fan couldn’t help but notice the way I.M pronounced “purple in my head” sounded a lot like “people in my head.” One user commented, “the purple sounds like people (the way he pronounced it) like u know i think its a word play of some sort bc there's a lot going on like a crowded place ? idk i lost my train of thoughts.”

“Everything about changkyun is so beautiful the song, mv and lyrics are meaningful and emotional. special thanks to our kyun for this beautiful work,” said another fan. Another Monbebe added, “I'm in love with this song and music video ❤ it's so damn good.” One commented, “LOOP” is a masterpiece, I’m so proud of Changkyun.”