JinJin tears up after Astro gets 1st 'Music Bank' win on national TV with 'After Midnight'

Fans congratulate Astro as 'After Midnight' gets its third music show win and first win on national TV

                            JinJin tears up after Astro gets 1st 'Music Bank' win on national TV with 'After Midnight'
Astro gets first win on national TV (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

Astro is garnering much attention for their latest comeback after they released their eighth EP ‘Switch On’ with the lead single ‘After Midnight’. And it has been doing really well on music shows. Music shows are an integral part of K-pop promotions as the stages are watched by fans and the general public. It also fosters good-natured competitions as points are tallied to get the K-pop songs a win.

These music show wins are given much importance by companies as it shows how well-received a song happens to be. And fans do their best to get their faves as many music show wins as they can when a group releases a new song. To date, Astro has had eight music show wins and one win for the sub-unit song ‘Bad Idea’. They got their first win ever on ‘The Show’ for ‘All Night’ with 8170 points. And their latest win was for ‘After Midnight’ on ‘Music Bank’.

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Astro after their first win (@ASTRO_Staff/Twitter)

Astro gets their 1st win on national TV

With 4988 points, Astro got their third win for ‘After Midnight’ on KBS’ ‘Music Bank’ on August 13. The leader of the group, JinJin even teared up while receiving the trophy since it is an honor to win on this particular music show. It is globally broadcast and watched in more than a hundred different countries. While Astro has had wins on other music shows, they’re mainly broadcast by music channels. ‘Music Bank’ is broadcast on KBS2, which is owned by the national public broadcaster KBS. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to get a win on ‘Music Bank’.

With all of the members participating in the making of this album, the summer release was widely loved by everyone. It dominated several charts internationally, as well as domestically. It was the #1 album on Gaon’s Weekly Download, BGM and Weekly Album charts and Astro is the 4th boy group to debut on Gaon Digital’s Top 5 in 2021. Along with that, the music video for ‘After Midnight’ has 27M Youtube views.


The album also debuted at #2 on iTunes Worldwide Albums chart, topped iTunes in 14 countries and ranked #5 on Japan’s Oricon Albums chart. It also has a total of 290k sales till now, according to Hanteo. It also surpassed 10M streams on MelOn while ‘After Midnight’ has 894k streams on Spotify. It also became the song with the most votes on MuBeat Global Pre-Voting in 2021 with more than 8M votes, which will go towards the points for winning on ‘Music Core’.

Astro debuted in 2016 and got their first music show win in 2019 with ‘All Night’ on ‘The Show’. They got their second win with ‘Knock’ on ‘Show Champion’ in 2020. Moonbin and Sanha’s ‘Bad Idea’ got a win on ‘The Show’. Their last lead single, ‘One’, got three wins on ‘The Show’, ‘Show Champion’ and ‘M Countdown’. They got their first win for ‘After Midnight’ on ‘The Show’ with a whopping 9520 points on August 10 and its second win was on ‘Show Champion’ the next day. It also got a fourth win on 'Music Core' on August 14.

Watch the music video for ‘After Midnight’ below.


‘You truly deserve this’

Arohas believe that August 13 is a special day, “August 13, 2015 - Astro joined Twitter August 13, 2020 - SOBA & Bonsang win August 13, 2021 - First national broadcast win idk bout you but there's something about this day.” Another fan teared up when they saw JinJin crying, “The last time Jinjin cried over a win was during Knock’s first win which was 6 wins ago He did it again during their first national broadcast live HUHU LOOK AT MJ COMFORTING HIM IM SO.”

One fan said, “It’s always a heartfelt moment to be able to win first place, let alone a national broadcast show win for the first time after almost 2000 days together. jinjin, you have been leading them well and astro, you truly deserve this win!” Another pointed out that even the youngest member was trying to keep it together, “The way Sanha looked up and Jinjin cried. They we’re all obviously emotional inside and i crying.”





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