Monsta X ‘Kiss Or Death’: Release date and how to listen to sci-fi UNIVERSE single

Monsta X ‘Kiss Or Death’: Release date and how to listen to sci-fi UNIVERSE single
Monsta X for 'Kiss Or Death' (@into__universe/Twitter)

The UNIVERSE app seems to be gaining momentum. Created as an online K-pop platform where artists can create exclusive content for their fans, UNIVERSE is signing more and more K-pop groups and idols. They’ve also branched out - along with variety shows, they’ve started sections for survival shows like ‘Girls Planet 999’ and exclusive music. For the latter, they’ve now roped in Monsta X.

UNIVERSE Music has released up to 8 singles. Up till now, amazing songs with unique concepts and otherworldly music videos have been made that are totally comeback worthy. With continuous hype, netizens wondered who would be the next artist to contribute to the UNIVERSE Music series. Well, it looks like it’ll be Monsta X, who will be performing ‘Kiss Or Death’. The release feels extra special to Monbebes since it was recorded before Shownu enlisted for his mandatory military service, thus allowing us to see him one last time. 

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Monsta X for 'Kiss Or Death' (@into__universe/Twitter)

Release date

Monsta X’s ‘Kiss Or Death’ will be released on July 26 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).

How to listen

The single will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.



In a steampunk meets space travel concept, Monsta X takes their running storylines from previous music videos like ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Dramarama’ and incorporate them into the ‘Kiss Or Death’ music video. In the concept photos, we see the boys dressed in suits and accessories that give us late 19th century vibes as they’re surrounded by detective props and a crime board. The concept trailer and music video teasers give us a better understanding of the concept.



Teasers and music video

While the teasers have been released on YouTube, only a preview of the music video will be available on UNIVERSE's YouTube channel. The full version of the music video will be released exclusively on the UNIVERSE app.

In ‘Concept Trailer: The One’ we see that it’s all very sci-fi as the boys travel through space in a steam engine train searching for the one who is messing with time travel. In a black & white video, they walk through the train as they’re accompanied by electric synths and samplers in the background.


A ‘Crime Scene’ version of the music video was then released which gives us a sneak-peek into the hip-hop/trap song as the boys do some detective work while they’re still in the same moving train.


The final music video teaser is the ‘Time Warp’ version where we finally see Monsta X dancing to the song as they seem to have upgraded from their vintage train and suits to sleek black futuristic outfits and a spaceship. 


Watch the music video below.


‘Looks so good’

One fan tweeted, “The power hyungwon holds.” Another fan tweeted, “WHAT THE FCK YOO KIHYUN???????????????”. One tweeted, “Changkyun in the teaser of “kiss or death” looks so good pls.” Another tweeted, “JOOHEON IS HERE TO STEP ON US!” One fan simply tweeted for Shownu, “KISS OR DEATH.” Another tweeted, “Minhyuk and his beauty never fails.” A fan tried to theorize, “UHM B*TCH THE TRAIN IS IN DESTROYER/THE CONNECT MV!!!! WTF DO I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION.” Another tweeted, “Kiss or Death, the bop you already are.”









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