Monsta X I.M recounts K-pop struggles in Baverse documentary with Jooheon and JinJin

Monsta X I.M recounts K-pop struggles in Baverse documentary with Jooheon and JinJin
I.M for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

In August, Baverse Studio hinted at a documentary where idols get frank and honest with their struggles in the K-pop industry. For the launch of the ‘Welcome to my Baverse’ documentary series, they roped in Woodz, Monsta X’s I.M and Sumin. I.M aka Changkyun was featured in the second episode that was released on September 1. Along with the documentary, he will also narrate a Baverse animated film and release a music video for his new song ‘Loop’.

The episode began with the moments we saw in the teasers where the youngest Monsta X member talks about the trauma he had from being an idol and how exhausting it is to try and be happy. He had also wondered how long he would last as an idol and if people would continue to listen to his music. He also spoke about his different selves and how he has changed. He mentioned that he had three turning-points in life - dropping out of school, his first breakup and his debut with Monsta X.


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I.M for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Monsta X I.M's Baverse documentary

He also had a one-on-one with labelmate and singer Junggigo, who knows him since his trainee days. I.M thought back to that time and how he had to join ‘No Mercy’, the survival show that formed Monsta X midway. He remembered being hated and cursed, but he withstood them because he wanted to debut and fulfil his dream of becoming a singer.

Junggigo for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Geonu from rookie group Just B also chatted with I.M as he asked him about his passion. I.M explained that he didn’t want to be an idol and just wanted to make music. The time he went to give his first audition was the first time he was passionate about something. All he could think about was creating his own music. He reminisced about the first music equipment he bought, an MXL990, and how he didn’t have a soundproof room. He used a blanket to create a booth.

Geonu for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Jooheon talks about their trainee days

We then see Monsta X member Jooheon in I.M’s studio as he plays his music. They get comfortable as they drink whiskey, munch on snacks and joke as Jooheon calls him cute. They also talk about wanting to buy a house by the end of their 20s or at least 40s. They also recall about the small studio room they had at Starship’s building and how they worked hard to make ends meet while producing and the tough times they went through that eventually made them get closer.

Jooheon for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Baverse also invited a Monbebe (Monsta X fan) of 3 years. I.M got shy after the Monbebe said how much she thought about him and is a huge fan of him. I.M also spoke to his long-time friend, Astro’s JinJin, and how it feels to get honest and get deep. JinJin mentioned that he is introspecting a lot nowadays. And I.M also revealed that they had to just keep working without stopping which is why they had reached a point where they were uncertain about their future. But he also added that it’s good as that uncertainty keeps one motivated.

JinJin for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Living in Boston

In between the chats, we also cut to I.M making collages that inspired ‘Loops’. I.M then talks about his solo album and how he didn’t care what others thought. He dug deep as he wanted to describe his emotions. He also explained that he likes being alone and enjoys loneliness. He also credits his childhood for who he is now. He moved a lot when he was young and didn't return to South Korea immediately. Hence he felt free when he was in Boston and cried when he had to return to South Korea due to the cultural difference. But he also felt regret when he dropped out of school and was homeschooled as he would see children go to school and be friends.

I.M and Jooheon for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Jooheon also talks about how once he spied Changkyun alone, reading a book in the corner during a comeback. He thought the youngest member was being fake but I.M confessed that he was actually reading. As Jooheon started spending time with him, he realised that he was actually like a cute younger sibling that he wanted to dote on even though he’s tough to understand.

What music means to I.M

The documentary also showed a sneak-peek of the music I.M’s working on and how it represents emotions of being indifferent. He explains that it’s okay to be sad and lonely. He likes melancholy even though people don’t understand it. He also adds that instead of 100 words, sometimes being still is more convincing, and how sometimes instead of the song itself the visuals can be "more extreme." This is why he always thinks of the images and then gets started on a song. This also corroborates with Thomas Edison’s theory that we could visualize music if we tried.

I.M for Baverse documentary (Baverse Studio/YouTube)

Jooheon said it’s not easy to dissolve your thoughts into music, but Changkyun does a good job and uses his truths and experiences in making good music. The episode wraps up with JinJin saying that he’s impressed that I.M has his own brand of pride. Junggigo adds that I.M has a thirst and that he’s in a much better place than he was when they first met each other. I.M ends the episode by saying that he is happy he has someone to root for him i.e. his fans and that it's okay to dream.

I.M later went on social media and thanked Baverse for the opportunity, “I want to express my infinite gratitude towards Baverse who captured and expressed me. it was a very enjoyable shooting and it wasn’t just a pleasure but also something I could learn from it. monbebe watch it a lot.”



Watch the episode below.


'It's ok to not be ok'

Monbebes were touched as they trended Changkyun and #WELCOME_TO_IM_BAVERSE. One tweeted, “The way he immediately asked the monbebe who are they and apologized quickly after they said they're a monbebe so cute lmao.” Another said, “And i know sometimes you want to scream and cry i promise you’ll be fine changkyun it’s ok to not be ok.” Fans also made double-take memes and posted, “That’s why i love Changkyun.” One added, "The last part is what struck me the most. even if you've already reached your dream, you can still dream as it happens. this's so deep yet so true. i'm really glad i got to know a whole different side of changkyun."






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