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'Queendom 2' Ep 9: Are fans sabotaging Hyolyn after she won 2 rounds: 'They are threatened'

Fans flex that despite non fans being strategic, Hyolyn is still leading at No 1 on ‘Queendom 2’
UPDATED MAY 27, 2022
Hyolyn gets lowest score in global fan voting criteria for round 3 part two (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)
Hyolyn gets lowest score in global fan voting criteria for round 3 part two (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

We are now one step closer to the finale as round 3 of ‘Queendom 2’ came to an end on episode 9. Round 3 had two parts with the first part consisting of a dance unit and a vocal unit while part two consisted of fan-chosen songs. In the previous episode, we saw Kep1er, Viviz and WJSN perform. The remainder of the participants performed on episode 9 with Loona performing ‘Butterfly’, Brave Girls’ song was ‘Red Sun’ while fans chose ‘See Sea’ for Hyolyn.  

We also got the complete scores for both parts of round 3 with Brave Girls once again getting first place for the fan-chosen level. However, adding the points from the previous part, Brave Girls took first place while Kep1er was last. In the meantime, ‘Queendom 2’ calculated the scores of all 3 rounds which has Hyolyn still leading in first place followed by WJSN, Brave Girls, Viviz, Loona and finally Kep1er. But what shocked fans and the participants was that Hyolyn who was the hidden ace of the season barely got any global fan votes in round 3 part two.

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Hyolyn asks, 'I wonder what aspect wasn’t able to move my fans’ hearts' (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Hyolyn gets lowest score in global fan voting

For the fan-chosen level of round 3, there were three criteria – peer evaluation, live audience votes and global fan votes. For global fan votes, ‘Queendom 2’ has asked fans to vote for their favorite and one deserving participant. For the past 2 rounds, Hyolyn had got the perfect score in all criteria and won back to back. But it seems that now fans of the other contestants were threatened and went out of their way to not select her as their second choice despite how deserving she was or wasn’t as they tweeted about their strategy. And so for the fan-chosen level, Hyolyn’s global votes were the lowest with only 1,932 points while the second-lowest was Kep1er with over 3,025 votes. 

Hyolyn blamed herself and shared that she probably got a low rank because she spent all her energy preparing for the three performances (dance unit, vocal unit and fan-chosen stage) of round 3. Since they were group challenges where the groups had to send a couple of members for the two unit performances, Hyolyn being a soloist had to participate all by herself in all the stages. Hyolyn also added, “I wonder what aspect wasn’t able to move my fans’ hearts. What aspect was I lacking in?”


‘Hyo deserves better’

One fan tweeted, “The global voting was obvious that many fandoms got threaten by hyolyn that she might won #1 again  like how could she be #6 with that amazing performance.” One was baffled that non-fans were proudly stating that they didn’t vote for Hyolyn so she could lose regardless of her performance, “People keep on justifying that HYOLYN ranked low because their fandom didn't vote for her, just to not make her number one again. Honey, even if your faves win, they should learn how to perform quality performances, okay? These newgen fans will never see how precious 2ndgen is.”



Another found it funny that despite ranking last, Hyolyn was still #1 overall, “Hyolyn is STILL # 1 overall while your favs are fighting in the 5th place. As we’ve said before, Hyolyn will continue to be a soloist and CEO of her own company after this. Y’all should be worried about that impending disbandment.” Another fan commented, “What pisses me off the most is that fans stopped voting for Hyolyn bc she always kept winning cause of her talent. Not bc she was bad and they couldn’t stand that. Hyo deserves better.” One responded to Hyolyn, “No hyolyn baby you didnt lack, they are threatened after all this is a cooked competition for fans anyways.”




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