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‘Queendom 2’ Episode 8: WJSN flying stunt messed up by camera angle, fans frustrated

Many fans were disappointed that the camera did not take any close-ups to focus on the four WJSN members who pulled off dangerous stunts perfectly
UPDATED MAY 20, 2022
Bona, Luda, Seola, and Exy did acrobatic stunts as they flew around the stage while performing 'Pantomime' (@WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter, Mnet K-POP/YouTube)
Bona, Luda, Seola, and Exy did acrobatic stunts as they flew around the stage while performing 'Pantomime' (@WJSN_Cosmic/Twitter, Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Fans are pleasantly surprised that Mnet’s survival show ‘Queendom 2’ is almost nearing its end. It began with much pomp and celebration with an exciting lineup. Hyolyn turned out to be the hidden ace as she won the first two rounds back to back. Brave Girls seemed to be the underdogs as everyone is rooting for them, while fans love the friendship between WJSN and Viviz. On May 19, we saw Episode 8 of ‘Queendom 2’ as the participants competed in the second half of round 3.

In the first half of round 3 which consisted of the dance and vocal units, WJSN and Brave Girls tied for first place. In the second part of round 3, the contestants had to perform a song suggested by the viewers. In episode 8, Kep1er performed Girls’ Generation’s ‘The Boys’, Viviz performed ‘Bop Bop’, and WJSN performed ‘Pantomime’. It was a special episode for WJSN fans as Bona finally joined her girl group to compete in ‘Queendom 2’ and they did not disappoint. 


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Several online viewers missed two WJSN members doing acrobatic stunts on the sides of the stage (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Four WJSN members do acrobatic stunts

WJSN’s performance on ‘Pantomime’ was one of the highlights of ‘Queendom 2’ Episode 8 as they made full use of the stage, right from LED lights, projectors, and holographic images to getting acrobats and feathery costumes that blended well with their jazzy concept. If that wasn’t enough, during the last chorus, fans were shocked as four of WJSN’s members -- Bona, Luda, Seola, and Exy -- ended up doing their own acrobatic stunts as they flew around the stage on ariel silk ropes. 

A lot was going on as the stage was full of backup dancers, fireworks, lights, and props. And so to showcase all of these aspects, the camera simply took a wide-angle shot of the whole stage which is why many online viewers missed that not just one but four WJSN members were doing flying stunts. Many were disappointed that the camera did not take any close-ups or focus on the four members who pulled dangerous stunts perfectly.


‘Deserved to win’

Knetz were excited as they made posts like, “Wow WJSN seriously did so well... the handspring was crazy. They even looked so pretty. It was freaking everything," “Seriously, I was worried because it's a weird song but I liked it so much ㅠ they did well,” and “WJSN finally gave the stage I was waiting for. I'm waiting for the full cam.” One fan tweeted, “They're really f*king flying omgoddd deserved to win.” Another pointed out, “It's really not easy, practicing aerial yoga, flying and circling movements, and to be as beautiful as Kim Ji-yeon, really really needs super core strength.”



One wrote, “I could watch all of the different camera angles and fan cams of WJSN’s Pantomime performance and I still don’t think it would give the ending the justice it deserves tbh. That was a  stage that was designed to especially wow the live audience.”

Another fan shared, “How wjsn ending wouldve been way more iconic if the camera work wasnt dog s**t.” One commented, “The way pantomime camera work is horrible so you need to watch it 6 times to see the grown women doing air loops whilehanging down  from the ceiling.”




Another wondered, “So rewatching it again and i hate mnet WHY WOULD YOU PAN THE CAMERA ACROSS THE STAGE AND NOT FOCUS IT ON THE GIRLS LITERALLY UP IN THE AIR SPINNING WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.” Another was hopeful, “I think wjsn's stage looks much better in-person so I bet that they'll get high points from the audience but the video version on the other hand...looks so messy. Especially at the end. Mnet pls fix your damn camera!!” One fan pointed out, “Mnet giving a whole preview almost to bona better mean they got better camera work for the wjsn pantomime perf, get that zoom in on those girlies while they spin spin please, they be risking arms and the camera nowhere near them.”