'Queendom 2' Ep 7: Brave Girls finally wins, fans warn Mnet: 'Don't eliminate them'

Fans are afraid for Brave Girls as Mnet introduced a new rule where they'll eliminate a participant if they place last for two consecutive rounds

                            'Queendom 2' Ep 7: Brave Girls finally wins, fans warn Mnet: 'Don't eliminate them'
Brave Girls' Eunji shows off the win with Loona (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

After a couple of episodes where we saw the girls bond and do workshops, we are back in the competition as the vocal and dance units battle it out on ‘Queendom 2’. Round 3 was all about collaborations as participants had to pair up and form three teams each for the vocal and dance unit. In episode 6, we saw the vocal units perform with WJSN and Viviz’s team winning first place. Well, episode 7 of ‘Queendom 2’ was equally exciting as we got to see the dance units.

In the latest episode of ‘Queendom 2’, Viviz and Kep1er teamed up to perform ‘Purr’ choreographed by HolyBang leader Honey J Hyolyn and her former labelmates WJSN partnered up to dance to ‘Ka-boom’ choreographed by another ‘Street Woman Fighter’ dance crew, LaChica. Finally, the last dance unit was made up of Loona’s Olivia, Heejin, Yves, Choerry, and Brave Girls Eunji. They were choreographed by Prowdmon’s leader Monika as they danced to ‘Tam-I-Na’.


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Brave Girls win first place for dance unit and round 3

While all of the performances of episode 7 were exciting, the participants and the viewers had to pick a winner. At the end of the episode, we finally had ‘Queendom 2’ announcing the scores of round 3’s dance unit. Kep1er and Viviz placed third with 500 points each. Hyolyn and WJSN were second with 1,500 points each. And Loona and Brave Girls took first place with 2,500 points each. With Brave Girls placing second in the vocal unit stage with 1,500 points, they now have a total of 4,000 points. They are tied with WJSN at first place for round 3.

Loona and Brave Girls teamed up for the dance unit stage (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)


The 'chart reversal queens' saw a change in fortune after 10 years when Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ suddenly went viral in South Korea. From the verge of disbanding, they got a second chance and were even roped in to participate in ‘Queendom 2’ to prove that they were not a one-hit-wonder. Unfortunately, for the last couple of rounds, they have been placing last and not being seen as a threat by the other competitors. The situation was worsened as Brave Girls got Covid during round 1 which affected their vocals.

Brave Girls run on ‘Queendom 2’

In the last few episodes of 'Queendom 2', we constantly got footage of Brave Girls crying and doubting themselves. Furthermore, there was a fear that they would be eliminated as Mnet introduced a new rule. In the premiere of the show, Mnet shared that if a participant placed last for two consecutive rounds, they would be eliminated. And so Brave Girls’ Eunji couldn’t help but cry happy tears as she helped her group finally secure the first place with her performance for the dance unit.


‘Could not be prouder’

Fans were overjoyed as they made tweets like, “QUEEN IS NA UNIT WON FIRST PLACE IN THE DANCE UNIT!!! This is the first place Brave Girls ever won!!!” Another fan posted, “Could not be prouder.” One added, “FINALLY BRAVE GIRLS GET THE NUMBER 1!!! WELL DONE EUNJI AND QUEEN IS NA UNIT.” Another commented, “Brave girls deserve the world. they’re literally so cute my heartttt.” One fan was happy for them, “No bc brave girls has been robbed since the beginning im happy for them.” Another fan pointed out, “Loona and brave girls really performed a song nobody wanted to do and ended up winning first like that’s queen shit right there.”







'I will personally oversee the destruction of mnet'

However, there is still a fear that Brave Girls might get eliminated since they scored low and fans are not sure if the points from round 3 will be enough for them to climb up from the sixth place. One fan observed, “Dont eliminate brave girls who chart well in charts!” Another said, “If brave girls get eliminated despite not actually being in last place I’ll be pissed.” One fan wrote, “If brave girls get eliminated i will book a flight to Seoul and burn down the mnet building i’m not joking.”

Another was sarcastic, “Awee mnet doing the power of female friendship segment before the misogynistic act of kicking off brave girls.” One fan posted, “I swear to GOD if brave girls gets 6th place again next week i will personally oversee the destruction of mnet.”






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