'Queendom 2' Ep 1: Yeoreum exposes evil editing, fans prepare for WJSN crying in ep 2

'Queendom 2' Ep 1: Yeoreum exposes evil editing, fans prepare for WJSN crying in ep 2
WJSN's Yeoreum reveals the heavily edited scenes in 'Queendom 2' making fans question why Seola is truly crying in episode 2 preview (Mnet K-Pop/YouTube)

Just a day after the Mnet producer acknowledged their dramatic editing style and promised to be more ‘sincere’ while editing ‘Queendom 2’, we have WJSN’s Yeoreum revealing all the moments in episode 1 that were heavily edited. We first had an exclusive preview of episode 1 on March 24 that went viral as there was an intense interaction between Viviz’s SinB and WJSN’s Yeoreum. And while their fans could make out that they were pretending to fight, other fandoms were afraid.

After the episode 0 preview, the producer shared that they didn’t intentionally edit in a certain way. They only wanted to make the show more fun for viewers. But it looks like their tendency for dramatic editing will continue as seen in ‘Queendom 2’ episode 2 preview where we see WJSN’s members like Seola and Eunseo crying. But fans are better prepared after Yeoreum revealed that not everything they saw in episode 1 was how it actually happened and a lot of evil editing was involved.

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Kep1er's Yeseo looks scared while WJSN's Yeoreum plays along with SinB (Mnet K-Pop/YouTube)

Yeoreum reveals what happened in ‘Queendom 2’ premiere

Before episode 1 aired, WJSN’s Yeoreum went on VLive to talk about the moment with SinB in ‘Queendom 2’ episode 0. She shared that she had a good relationship with the Viviz member and a split second before the camera cut off she was seen trying to stop her smile which would have been enough to indicate that the fight was fake. There was also a moment where fans think SinB greeted Yeoreum with her hand so that they could start their fake fight.



What happened between SinB and Yeoreum?

The interaction begins with WJSN loudly saying that Viviz is not their senior since they are not part of GFriend anymore. SinB overhears and informally calls Yeoreum and tells her cheekily that they are indeed WJSN’s seniors. The camera zooms in on Yeoreum’s face who looks wide-eyed but the corners of her lips go up for a second before the camera changes angles.



However, it looks like Mnet tried to make it feel like something more had happened as in the confessional, Yeoreum is then heard saying that she “almost fainted” due to the interaction with SinB. In the VLive, she however clarified that she had said that in a complimentary way for when Hyolyn, her senior and role model had entered the room. She also pointed out that it looked like there was a tense atmosphere when Brave Girls entered and it looks like they had no friends. However, when WJSN saw them, Yeoreum had immediately hugged Brave Girls’ Yoojung which was edited out.


'They're milking it so bad'

And while the Mnet producer shared that they would consider fans’ complaints about evil editing, it looks like they are continuing with it as the whole episode 2 preview just shows WJSN crying as if something went wrong. Fans tried to assure other worried fans as one tweeted, “NO SEE HOW ITS LIKE ZERO CONTEXTTT. the way they’re milking it so bad. but the fact that seola is crying is stressing ppl out she doesn’t cry abt stupid thinks but girlie is sobbing.”

Another tried to guess what really might have happened, “Its just edited to make it look like something bad happened apparently. Eunseo’s crying is before they went on stage when she was explaining that she got covid and had 1 day to rehearse. Seola was emotional bcuz after the rehearsal struggles they did so well & everyone cheered.” One fan joked, “Me explaining how the seola crying scene was all an act so everyone tunes in cus people are nosy as f**k and that leads them to be the most viewed performance for the first round.”




Watch Yeoreum’s VLive below.


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