Mnet's ‘Kingdom’ Episode 10 FINALE: Live stream, tracklist, how to vote for Stray Kids, ATEEZ

The epic end of 'Kingdom' is here. Know all about the final episode starring ATEEZ, Stray Kids, SF9, The Boyz, iKon and BTOB here

                            Mnet's ‘Kingdom’ Episode 10 FINALE: Live stream, tracklist, how to vote for Stray Kids, ATEEZ
ATEEZ, Stray Kids, SF9, The Boyz and others are set for the 'Kingdom' finale (Twitter)

Mnet's 'Kingdom' is finally coming to an end after giving the K-pop fandom some of the most iconic K-pop stages in history. The grand finale is all set for June 3rd where, for the final time, SF9, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, BTOB, and iKON will be giving their all to claim the hallowed K-pop crown in the tenth episode titled 'Who is the king'.

As the show ends, fans are still in awe swooning over some of the most legendary performances from the show. We have seen SF9's 'Move' power stage, ATEEZ bringing their own blend of mystic charm every time on stage, BTOB ripping shirts, Stray Kids pulling from 'Deadpool', iKON setting the Internet on fire with 'Inception' and The Boyz flawlessly pulling off their 'Red Wedding' choreography. 'Kingdom' has created magic on stage. Read on to know how the finale will unfold, from the tracklist to global live streaming updates, find all you need to know below.


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Stray Kids' Felix as 'Deadpool' for 'Kingdom' (Mnet Kingdom)

Date and air time

Mnet's 'Kingdom: Legendary War', the grand finale will be airing on June 3rd from 7.50 pm KST (6.50 am ET)


How to live stream

'Kingdom: Legendary War' finale, episode ten will be live-streamed globally from the Mnet K-pop channel from 7.50 pm KST (6.50 am ET). All the previous episodes of 'Kingdom' can be watched on Rakuten Viki. Click here to watch all the previous episodes.





For the show's grand finale episode, all the K-pop groups will be performing their own original tracks that will be released on May 28, exclusively for 'Kingdom.' iKON will be opening the grand finale with their bop 'At Ease' and BTOB will be closing the ceremony with 'Finale (Show and Prove)'. Check the complete show order and tracklist below.

iKON - 'At Ease'




The Boyz - 'Kingdom Come'




ATEEZ - 'The Real'




SF9 - 'Believer'



Stray Kids - 'Wolf Gang' 




BTOB - 'Finale (Show and Prove)'




As per the latest ranking released, check where the K-pop groups stand before the finale.


SF9 is at the top of 'kingdom' after their sizzling 'Move' stage. The K-pop group currently has 3414.352 points prior to the finale.

SF9 will start the finale being at the top (Mnet Kingdom)

Stray Kids

Stray Kids is trailing SF9 with 3125 points. The group however has taken a lead in streaming with their original track 'Wolf Gang' entering Apple Music Global chart Top 100, being the first fourth-generation group to achieve this feat.

Stray Kids gearing up for the finale (Mnet Kingdom)


One of the fan-favorite groups, BTOB is at the third position with 2141.204 points. BTOB fans are hopeful that the K-pop group can snag the crown at the end.

BTOB stands at number three ahead of finale (Mnet Kingdom)

The Boyz 

The Boyz, the winner of the prequel 'Road To Kingdom' ranked number fourth ahead of the finale with 1851.852 points.

The Boyz for 'Kingdom' (Mnet Kingdom)


YG Entertainment's iKON is at number five with 1504.630 points. The K-pop act will be the one opening the much-coveted finale on June 3rd.

iKON ready to open the finale on June 3rd (Mnet Kingdom)


ATEEZ, one of the most promising fourth-generation K-pop groups is at number 6 with 462.963 points. ATINYs are hopeful that their K-pop idols will bring their A-game as they gear up for the live voting to make them the 'King' of K-pop.

iKON ready to open the finale on June 3rd (Mnet Kingdom)

How to vote

The 'Kingdom' finale will be decided, one hundred percent, by the fan votes. Along with the stream numbers of their music, fans will be voting in real-time to make their favorite group emerge as the ultimate winner. Check this Twitter thread to know all about voting.



Check the sneak peek of the finale here.


Excited about the grand finale of 'Kingdom'? Tune into Mnet's YouTube channel on Thursday, June 3rd at 7.50 PM KST.

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