‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 6 Recap: Cells disbanded, 54 girls go on new mission

The second mission is Combination Mission that first disbanded the original cells the girls were in to regroup them into 11 new groups

                            ‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 6 Recap: Cells disbanded, 54 girls go on new mission
The sixth episode of Girls Planet 999 saw a new grouping format, discussed eliminations and 4 power-packed performances (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

Following the elimination of 45 contestants, there remain only 54 contestants with the sixth episode of the show, ‘Girls Plant 999’. The latest episode began with a preview of what is to come and some performances really stood out as they got the judges emotional while some contestants were reprimanded by the mentors for not performing to their full potential.

As the main episode began, the girls gathered in the main room where Yeo Jingoo, the host, greeted the girls and announced the new mission. He announced that the Top 9 positions from the previous episode had been reset and the format had gotten rid of cell votes which meant going forward the girls were to be ranked on the basis of their individual performances and not that of their cells or groups.


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The second mission is called Combination Mission (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

Combination mission and elimination

The name of the second mission on the show is Combination Mission which first disbanded the original cells the girls were in to regroup them into 11 new groups. Each group will have contestants in the ratio 3:6:9 where six different groups will consist of three members each, three different groups will consist of six members each, and two different groups will consist of nine members each.

After the end of the second mission, 30 contestants will be eliminated (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

After the participants themselves picked their teams in the order of their current rankings as the Top 9 got the chance to pick their groups first followed by the rest of the contestants. It was then announced that based on this round, 30 contestants would be eliminated from the 54 after the second global voting and ranking. This means that after this mission only 24 girls would remain. Since this is not a group-based ranking anymore, 10 of the least ranking girls from the K group, C group and J group each would be eliminated.

The winning performance would earn 270,000 points (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

Scoring and ranking

For the mission, the girls would be grouped and positioned according to their choice. They will have to write the rap, create choreography and work on the arrangement of the song by themselves. For the mission, the one group among 11 that stood out would get 270,000 points. If it were a three-member group to make it to the top, each member would get one-third of the points, aka 90,000 points each.

If it were a six-member group, each member would get one-sixth of the points, aka 45,000 each. Finally, if it were a nine-member group to make it to the top, each of the nine members would get one-ninth of the points, aka 30,000 points each. On the basis of their overall points, the new Top 9 contestants will be decided.

The Combination Mission has 11 groups performing 11 different songs (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)


The first group of three vocal position members was to perform 2PM’s ‘My House’ while the second group of three rap position members was to perform Show Me The Money’s ‘VVS’. The third group of three rap position members were to perform Woo Wonjae’s ‘We Are’. The fourth group of three vocal position members was to perform Taeyeon’s ‘All About Love’. The fifth group of three vocal position members was to perform ITZY’s ‘Mafia in the Morning’ whereas the sixth three dance position members group were to perform Meghan Trainor’s ‘No Excuses’

The next three groups to follow were six-member groups. The seventh group was a six-member vocal and rap position group who were to perform BTOB’s ‘Missing You’. The eighth group was with six vocal position members who were to perform IU’s ‘My Sea’. The ninth group was with six dance position members who were to perform Lee Sunjee’s ‘Fate’ which caused confusion among contestants who wondered how the soulful track could be converted into a dance performance. The 10th group was nine dance position members who would perform Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ (ft. Selena Gomez) while the final group was another nine dance position members group would perform Little Mix’s ‘Salute’.

The episode saw many girls break down as they doubted their talents (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

Practice sessions

The three members performing the SMTM’s song ‘VVS’ saw a clash as they were not able to understand Liang Jiao due to language barriers as she wasn't fluent in Korean. Not only that, their major setback was that it would be her first time rapping. The girls performing Woo Wonjae’s ‘We Are’ also looked a bit rough as all of the participants didn't want to pick that song but were left with them as all other songs were picked already.

The next group was the team performing ITZY’s ‘Mafia In the Morning’. This team had a lot of built-up tension because of member Fu Ya Ning who has built a negative reputation for herself due to her bluntness from Episode 1. The girls decided to give a rock vibe to the song. The group to follow was performing Meghan Trainor’s ‘No Excuses’. Their group lacked synergy as all three of the members were unable to choreograph a dance performance when it was a dance song. The next group performing Taeyeon’s ‘All About Love’ saw members questioned by mentors because they decided to change the songs completely. While the next group performing 2PM’s ‘My House’ struggled because they all sang off-key.

The episode saw the girls writing their own raps and lyrics as they struggled to practice the songs they picked (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

The next set of performances were from the first six-member group performing Lee Sunjee’s ‘Fate’ was the most chased after song as everyone wanted to perform it. Contestant Ye Seo was unanimously picked by all members to perform the killing part of the song. The next six-member group performing was BTOB’s 'Missing You’ where the girls battled by singing the killing part in order to win it. Yurina won the part but struggled with the vocal range of the part. The final six-member group performed IU’s ‘My Sea’. Ji Yoon wowed her members by hitting the highest note.

The final set of performances were from the last two nine-member groups. The first group was performing Blackpink's ‘Ice Cream’ ft Selena Gomez. Despite having minor clashes, the group was able to pick a leader and get ready to perform. The final group was the second nine-member group performing Little Mix’s ‘Salute’ where the battle to find a leader was tense.

The first performance saw 'We Are' by Woo Wonjae (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

Main performances

The main performance day saw the teams and the panel of judges. Rapper Woo Wonjae joined the panel as a guest judge. The first group performed a song by Woo Wonjae titled ‘We Are’. The contestants wowed the judges with their rap skills, vocals, and harmonizing and were complimented by Wonjae himself. The next group to perform was Blackpink's ‘Ice Cream’ ft. Selena Gomez. Sunmi complimented their practice sessions and their performance was highly anticipated which was well executed in their main performance.

The second performance was 'Ice Cream' by Blackpink ft. Selena Gomez (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

The next performance was a three-member group performing Meghan Trainor's ‘No Excuses’. Despite being rustic during their trial performance, the girls were able to give a power-packed performance during the main event.

The third performance was 'No Excuses' by Meghan Trainor (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

The next performance was by a six-member group who performed BTOB’s 'Missing You’. The practice performance by this group got dismissive reactions from the mentors as none of the members seemed to fit in the song well. The main performance saw a drastic change as all the members were able to vocalize, rap as well as harmonize to give the mentors and judges goosebumps.

The final performance of the episode was 'Missing You' by BTOB (Girls Planet 999/iqiyi.com)

The final performance of the episode was another six-member group performing Lee Sunhee’s ‘Fate’. The contestants had caused concern amongst judges who thought their practice performance lacked power. This episode ended right when the group was to start their performance and the preview showed the judges and mentors teary-eyed after the performance.

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