'Girls Planet 999' Episode 4 Recap: Highlights and winners of 'Connect Mission'

The fourth episode saw seven performances and 3 winners while one of the winners from this episode was able to perform on Mnet's 'M Countdown'

                            'Girls Planet 999' Episode 4 Recap: Highlights and winners of 'Connect Mission'
The judges, mentors and hosts for Mnet's Girl's Planet 999 Episode 4 (Girls Planet 999/Mnet)

The fourth episode started as a continuation of performances from the 'Connect Mission' third episode. If you haven't watched that, read the recap here. The first round saw performances from Team 'Crown' and Team 'Butterfly'. Both competed against one another with a performance on the song, 'Fiesta' from IZ*ONE. The audience witnessed how members of Team Butterfly were struggling because of contestant Miyu. They were the first to perform at the main show where judges noticed that some girls sang off-key while some did not reach the notes well. During the main performance, Miyu could not hit the falsetto for “Oh Yeah” which made the judges worried about the fate of the group. 

While it was Team Crown's time to perform, evaluators noticed that contestant Xing Qiao brought the team down as she was weak in dancing. It was evident from the performance Team Crown gave that all members performed in symphony and Xing Qiao surprised the judges when she hit the right notes time after time and performed very well. Judges said that their performance really felt like a fiesta. Team Crown aka Team 1 won the first round.


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7 performances from the 4th episode of Mnet's Girl's Planet 999 Episode 4. (Girls Planet 999/Mnet)

Oh My Girl's 'The Fifth Season'

The next was two teams performing Oh My Girl's 'The Fifth Season'. The first team introduced themselves as 'Our Season' while the second team introduced themselves as 'Oh My Gosh.' Practice session clips that Team Our Season was more in-sync in comparison to Team Oh My Gosh. During the trial performance, it was noticed that Team Oh My Girl performed better than team Our Season which confused the evaluators.

Team Oh My Girl was the first to perform and other than one member not hitting the right note, the overall performance was loved by the judges. The judges pointed that all the girls seemed very underconfident. The next team to perform was Our Season. The judges complimented all the girls for their performance as they did very well. The results were announced and Team Our Season aka Team 1 won the second round. 

Girls of Team Red Moon unsatisfied with their parts on Mnet's Girl's Planet 999 Episode 4. (Girls Planet 999/IQIYI)

Girls perform on songs by popular boy bands

Now it was time for the three teams to perform on songs from K-pop boy bands. The first team performing EXO's The Eve was Team 'Red Moon.' The second team performing BTS' Mic Drop was Team 'Charismask.' The third team performing Seventeen's Pretty U was 'Team Cuite Q-teen.' Among these three, 'Team Charismask' performing Mic Drop by BTS went first. The practice sessions disappointed the judges for this performance as they lacked energy in everything they did. Their performance stunned the judges as they all performed really well.

Next, it was team Cutie Q-teen performing Seventeen's 'Pretty U' which amazed the judges as their energy and chemistry between the members were loved by them. The third team performing was Team Red Moon with EXO's 'The Eve.' Their practice session performance was appreciated by the judges but the judges pointed that the team lacked chemistry and did not seem like a team. It was then made clear that most of the contestants were not satisfied with their parts and wanted to switch. When it was time for their final performance, they performed really well individually but still lacked symphony as a group. The results were then announced and Team Cutie Q-teen performing Seventeen's 'Pretty U' won this round.

Members of Team Charismask shocked as their performance of 'Pretty U' is declared as the winning performance. (Girls Planet 999/Mnet)

Final results

With this, five performances out of 11 became the winning performances. They were - Team 1 of 'Yes or Yes', Team 1 of 'How You Like That', Team 1 of 'Fiesta', Team 1 of 'The Fifth Season', and Team 'Pretty U.' One team of the 5 was to be selected to receive the special benefit of being able to perform at Mnet's 'M Countdown'. The judges decided that one team who would win the special benefit. It was Team 1 of 'Yes or Yes.' 

'Yes or Yes' wins a special performance at Mnet's 'M Countdown' (Girls Planet 999/Mnet)

It was then announced that even if some teams won while others did not, the eliminations would be decided on the basis of audience votes. The final list of eliminated will be announced in the next episode. 

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