‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’: Release date, participants and all about MBC survival show

‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’: Release date, participants and all about MBC survival show
MBC's new idol reality show tests the physical abilites of contestants (MBC-Wild Idol)

Survival shows are very common in the K-pop industry, where trainees audition and compete against other contestants to stand out and get selected by leading agencies. Trainees go through dance training as well as singing and rap training. These trainees are judged on their performances and eliminated from the show, and we are left with future idols who will eventually debut

What is different about the new MBC survival show is that it literally has to do with the survival of their trainees in the wild. ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’ is a unique kind of survival show where trainees will enter into an outdoor boot camp set-up where they will perform various tasks - which will not only be limited to their music and dance skills but their physical strength too.


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Contestans are introduced on the basis of their talents as their real identities are kept a secret. (MBC - Wild Idol)

Awaken your instincts in the wild

"Awaken your instincts in the wild" - the literal translation of the Korean name of the show, where the trainees will give their 200% to stand out. The show will feature 45 male trainees who will go through rigorous physical training to reach the top of the pyramid and get a chance to debut. It will evaluate participants' physical strength, skills and hidden potential. The first episode will air on September 17 at 8:10 pm KST (7:10 am ET), on MBC’s channel. Second episode onwards, it will air every Thursday at 9 pm KST (8 am ET) from September 23.

Watch the teaser of the show here



The panel of judges

MBC announced that the panel of judges for this show will include Kim Jong Kook, who is a regular 'Running Man' cast member, actor Cha Tae Hyun, South Korean model Lee Hyun Yi, actress and singer Lee Sun Bin, Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu, and Brave Girls’ Yujeong. 


As Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun are famously close friends in real life, viewers are already looking forward to the chemistry between the two stars in particular. It is also generating some buzz for being a different concept where trainees will start generating a fanbase for themselves way ahead of their debut in the industry because of their prowess in the wild.


The contestants

The show will feature 45 contestants in the first episode, who have been selected from their introductions and performance. Find the videos of their introductions and performances here. Find the list of recognizable and idol participants here.


The first 9 contestants are the following. 

Contestants 1 -9 from MBC's Wild Idol (MBC - Wild Idol)

MBC next introduced the next nine contestants.


Contestants 10 - 18 from MBC's Wild Idol (MBC - Wild Idol)

The third set of contestants were introduced next.

Contestants 19 - 27 from MBC's Wild Idol (MBC - Wild Idol)

MBC next introduced the penultimate set of contestants.

Contestants 28 - 36 from MBC's Wild Idol (MBC - Wild Idol)

The final set of contestants were then introduced.


Contestants 37 - 45 from MBC's Wild Idol (MBC - Wild Idol)

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 MBC’s ‘Extreme Debut: Wild Idol’: Release, participants and all you need to know