'Girls Planet 999' Episode 2: Recap, highlights, top 9 contestants and performances

The K-pop survival show featuring 99 girls to make a nine-member girl group had its second episode on August 13

                            'Girls Planet 999' Episode 2: Recap, highlights, top 9 contestants and performances
Mnet's survival show featuring 99 girls to make a nine-member girl group (@GirlsPlanet999/Twitter)

The second episode of the girl group survival show, Girls Planet 999 began where all the groups were back on the performance stage. J-group was the first to go on stage where Kubo Reina stood out as a vocalist in the first performance. J-group's Joker performed Mamamoo's 'Gogobebe' The judges announce that all four contestants of this cell were short-listed for the Top 9.

Following this, the next cell to perform was from the K-group called 18 girls. One member from the cell drew judge Sunmi's attention. Contestant Huening Bihiyyih revealed that she was TXT's member Huening Kai's sister which shocked all the judges and contestants. This cell performed Apink's 'Mr. Chu' and since the performance lacked energy, the judges did not shortlist any candidate to join the Top 9.


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Performances that stood out

The third performance was from a cell called 'Fireworks' from the K-group. This group had contestants who had already debuted but could not make it big in the industry. Contestant Kim Do Ah said that this show would be her last chance to make it big in K-Pop. The cell performed Selugi's 'Wow Thing'. The judges announce that all four contestants of this cell were short-listed in the Top 9.

After this, the judges were surprised to have gone easy on the contestants as they had picked many contestants. The cell that came next was C-groups soloist, Su Rui Qi who was at the 2nd position amongst all Chinese contestants. She performed to Chungha's 'Snaping' which stood out in front of the judges making them shortlist her to jing the Top 9. The next candidate was another solo performer from the K group, Sim Seung Eun who performed Gain's 'Paradise Lost' and was instantly selected in the Top 9.

Next to join the Top 9 candidates was Gu Yi Zhou, who performed Hwasa's 'Maria' as a duo with another contestant who was left behind. After this K groups duo performed Little Mix's 'Bounce Back' which got both contestants into the Top 9.

Choi Yu Jin tells everyone that CLC was dismissed and she felt invisible around other members. (@GirlsPlanet999/Twitter)

Choi Yu-jin makes judges emotional

The performer that came after had been one that the judges felt the most emotional towards. It was a former K-pop idol, Choi Yu-jin from CLC. She talked about how the company had dismissed the group. After getting emotional about how the group had to face the brunt of being mismanaged in a label that could care less about them as artists, Yu Jin said that she never stood out with CLC. On to perform her solo act, she performed HyunA's Bubble Pop which stood out so much so that all the judges accepted her to the Top 9 contestants for K-group which made her emotional.  

Next, the judges picked the Top 9 contestants from the entire set of contestants with no K, C, or J group barriers. Contestants from all 3 groups were picked for the Top 9 performers as the remainder of the girls would be reshuffled. J groups contestant, Ezaki Hikaru was the number 1 contestant among the Top 9.


Reshuffling the contestants and global voting

The judges reshuffled the remaining contestants into cells of three. Each cell now had 1 Japanese, 1 Korean, and 1 Chinese contestant. Once the Top 9 contestants picked their own cells or units, the remaining cells were asked if they wanted to change their members. Only the cells that wanted their members to be changed got a reshuffle. The remaining girls had a discussion amongst themselves and were put into new cells ending with 33 cells.

It was then announced that fans watching the show could vote and decide who they wanted to save during the first global voting for Girls Planet 999 which would end on August 28 at 10 am KST (9 pm ET).


Dorm life, morning mission and performances for the next episode

The girls then entered the dorm rooms where they got a box full of goodies each. All the contestants set up their beds and then started interacting with one another while playing games with one another. The cellmates were seen interacting with one another before bedtime. Most of them woke up early the next morning for their morning mission while some overslept and had to rush to the practice room in their nightwear. The mission was for one contestant from each cell to find their teammates’ photos out of the many baby pictures laid out in front of them.

Next, the contestants connected on group missions. The songs they would have to connect on were from Blackpink's 'How You Like That'. IZ*ONE's 'Fiesta', Oh My Girl's 'The Fifth Season’, and Twice's 'Yes or Yes.' The last connection game was from EBS which left the girls confused. EBS meant EXO, BTS, and Seventeen. They could pick from EXO's 'The Eve', BTS' 'Mic Drop' and Seventeen's 'Pretty U.' For this mission, two teams each would compete against each other for each girl group song while three teams would battle against one another for each of the boy groups' songs.

The best performances would get twice or thrice the scores added to their final scorecard. Not just that, the contestants were promised to get a chance to perform at M Countdown. It was announced that out of the 33 total cells, 16 would be eliminated which meant that 48 girls out of the 99 would have to leave the show.