Mamamoo’s Hwasa announces solo project, fans wonder if it's her first studio album

RBW announces that Mamamoo's Hwasa is preparing her next solo album and fans are going gaga over it

                            Mamamoo’s Hwasa announces solo project, fans wonder if it's her first studio album
Hwasa is set to release a solo album (@RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)

After Mamamoo’s first compilation album ‘I Say Mamamoo: The Best’, the group is going back to focusing on their individual projects. There were rumors about which member would be dropping their next album and now fans won’t have to wonder anymore. On September 29, their label, RBW Entertainment announced that Hwasa was preparing for her solo album. To date, she has released her debut single ‘Twit’ and EP ‘Maria’. She has yet to drop a studio album.

In 2021, Mamamoo released their 11th EP ‘WAW’, a compilation album and had a concert to celebrate their seventh anniversary. After that Hwasa has collaborated with Kinda Blue for ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ and DPR Live’s ‘Hula Hoops’ with Beenzino. But that has been it musically. Fans have been eagerly waiting for her to make a proper comeback this year. Well, with the confirmation of her solo album, Moomoos (Mamamoo’s fandom) are excited.


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Hwasa to release a solo album

Not only that, with Hwasa yet to release a proper album, fans are hoping that this is it. Many think that the upcoming solo project is a full-length studio album since it has been revealed that Hwasa has been working on it for quite some time. Fans are also nitpicking RBW’s statement as they had shared, “Hwasa is steadily preparing for a solo album.” Nevertheless, whether it is a mini-album or a studio album, fans are looking forward to it.

In the meantime, the other Mamamoo members are busy with their individual schedules. On September 28, it was announced that Solar had been roped in for JTBC’s talent show ‘Joseon Top Singer’. She is one of the judges along with Song Ga-in and 2PM’s Wooyoung. Moonbyul is busy with her radio show Naver’s ‘Studio Moon Night’. On the other hand, fans were wondering what Wheein was up to after she left RBW. It has been reported that she has signed with VIXX Ravi’s newest label THE L1VE.

'Queen Hwasa is coming'

Hwasa has been trending on Twitter as fans are excited about her next solo album. They made posts like, “EVERYONE STEP ASIDE QUEEN HWASA IS COMING!!!! AHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED! What if we're getting a full album this time?!?!” “Hwasa please i beg that this would be a full album,” and “Is it possible for a full album? I mean anything is possible but if it's just a mini album then I'm still happy!” Another fan joked, “3/4 mamamoo members are kinda sus with their solo activities. it's like a russian roulette of who will come back next ajsgdk.” “Hwasa on her way to save 2021,” tweeted one Moomoo.






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