KINDA BLUE releases his version of ‘I can’t make you love me', fans wait for Hwasa's track

KINDA BLUE releases his version of ‘I can’t make you love me', fans wait for Hwasa's track
Hwasa in KINDA BLUE's version (KINDA BLUE/YouTube)

KINDA BLUE is an anonymous rookie K-pop artist under the label NINE21. He launched a YouTube channel where he covered three iconic songs. He has covered John Lennon’s ‘Love’, Chet Baker’s ‘I’ve never been in love before’ and El DeBarge’s ‘Heart, Mind & Soul’. Netizens were intrigued by the mysterious artist. He further garnered interest by teaming up with Mamamoo’s Hwasa for his first official single.

Hwasa and KINDA BLUE collaborated on his single ‘I can’t make you love me' which was released on August 3. Looks like his YouTube covers were a hint of his style of music as his first single is similarly retro and jazzy with a soulful R&B melody. The track is composed, arranged and written by him while Hwasa has participated in the lyrics. The music video was completely animated with the lyrics.

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Hwasa in KINDA BLUE's version (KINDA BLUE/YouTube)

KINDA BLUE releases his version of the song

The song is a heartfelt conversation between a couple as they retrospect about love. KINDA BLUE and Hwasa pour out their emotions as they embody the couple who wonders why they love each other. We do get a plot twist in the end as it is revealed that the two never actually vocalize their emotions to each other and so the relationship is hypothetical as they just watch each other from afar. KINDA BLUE then released his version of the song with a new music video on August 17.

Hwasa is quite busy from opening her YouTube channel to collaborating with the likes of DPR Live and Beenzino. She is also preparing for Mamamoo’s first online concert where the girls are set to perform the unreleased song, ‘Happier Than Ever’. She also released her version of the group’s lead single ‘Dingga’ with a brand new music video. It was received with much pomp and hence has Moomoos wondering if she will also make her version of ‘I can’t make you love me’.

Watch the original lyrics video below.



Watch KINDA BLUE’s version below.


'A Hwasa ver'

Fans were excited at the thought and ended up trending Hwasa on Twitter. One fan asked, “Will we get a Hwasa version as well? Those scenes of Hwasa are so beautiful.” Some wondered, “Wait so IF there is a hwasa version would that mean she would sing the whole song or,” and “So kinda blue just released the solo ver for icmylm, does that mean there would also be a hwasa ver?” One Moomoo is already expecting a Hwasa version, “I am very sorry for the person I will become when Hwasa version of I Can't Make You Love Me comes out.” They also loved the new music video, “I’m in tears Hwasa is so beautiful.”






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