Mamamoo releases two sets of concept photos days before first online concert WAW

Members of the K-pop group Mamamoo release six new teaser photos four days before their first online concert

                            Mamamoo releases two sets of concept photos days before first online concert WAW
Members of the K-pop group Mamamoo strike their signature pose in a teaser photo for their upcoming online concert (@RBW_MAMAMOO/Instagram)

On August 6, Mamamoo announced that the group will hold their first-ever online concert to celebrate their last released album, ‘WAW.’ With the announcement, they released the poster for the concert which showed the members walking down a track field while wearing outfits that look like a call back to their debut.

After this, days before the concert day, Mamamoo posted two different sets of teaser images to promote their concert which will be held on August 28. Mamamoo’s duality can be seen with these images and Moomoos are here for it.


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Black and White striped outfits

In the first set of photos, all 4 members of Mamamoo are captured on the same track field while they are wearing black and white striped outfits. The pattern of their outfit is very similar to what they wore during their debut. In the first photo all 4 members of the group are seen standing in a straight line while doing their signature pose staring right at the camera.

This photo set also saw a second image where Wheein and Solar stood together for a sub-unit photo while Hwasa and Moonbyul were seen together in the third image. The girls donned a straight face and showed fierce ‘boss woman’ like expressions without breaking out into a smile. The girls looked intense yet charismatic, representing their bold performances.


Colorful contrasting outfits

In comparison to their bold straight faces, the second set of teaser images released on August 24 had a different story to tell. The girls were seen sitting as if they were an audience on the same track field. This time around the girls wore white tops, like those of cheerleaders. They were seen smiling as the four of them sat together on the green-colored seats.

The next two images were another set of sub-unit photos with Wheein and Solar holding soccer balls over their heads and Hwasa tries twirling the ball on her manicured nail while Moonbyul laughs at the camera with the soccer ball in her hand. The girls look cheery and fun showing Mamamoo’s other persona of fun-loving quirky girls.


The concert

'WAW' is Mamamoo's first “online” concert since their debut, and Mamamoo's first concert in 2 years and 1 month. The four members actively come up with ideas from setting up the setlist to directing the stage and are preparing for a high-quality performance.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo will hold their first online concert 'WAW' on August 28. Tickets can be reserved through Olleh TV, Seezn, and Interpark and are priced at KRW 38,500 (USD 35)


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