'MAFS' Season 14: Dr Viviana slams Olajuwon's 'archaic' ideas about Katina's wifely duties

'MAFS' Season 14: Dr Viviana slams Olajuwon's 'archaic' ideas about Katina's wifely duties
Olajuwon and Dr Viviana on 'Married At First Sight' (Lifetime)

Building a solid relationship within a few months is not easy for the couples of' Married At First Sight'. But, thankfully, they have the experts on their side. After Pastor Cal helped the couples with the initial hurdles, it is now Dr Viviana's turn to help the couples with their intimacy.

Olajuwon and Katina seemed to get along well initially, however, now, the cracks are more visible than ever. Olajuwon seems to be coming down hard on Katina, due to his idea of marriage and what a wife should be like.

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Dr Viviana has observed that Olajuwon was obsessing over trivial things like cooking and cleaning and attaching Katina's worth to his idea of what a wife should be like. Olajuwon claimed that Katina was irresponsible and did not put in the effort he needed to see. Dr Viviana called him out on this, stating that his ideas for a wife were 'archaic' and 'flimsy' and that whoever raised him to believe this was setting him up for multiple divorces in his future. To make matters worse, he did not comfort Katina when she broke down, as she spoke about how he was beating down on her insecurities regularly.

"Olajuwon talks to katina like she's a damn child and it's getting old. that's really the issue when it comes down to it. he talks AT people and not TO them #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" tweeted a fan. "Olajuwon has the nerves to roll his eyes when Katina starts crying… dude you've been the only one complaining between the two of you when Katina should've been left you. #mafs" added another. "The fact that Dr. V is reading O and he is denouncing everything she says is very telling. #MAFS" said a fan. "Come thru Dr. Viviana with calling Olajuwon "what's with all this asking for cooking. Didn't you eat before just fine?" #MAFS" asked another. "A man whose never dated a black don't need to be calling the first black woman he's been with "lazy". He's being stereotypical. And his tone is nasty #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS" added a fan. 











Fans thought it was high time that Katina herself started calling out Olajuwon on his behavior, seeing that she had no issue doing so with Lindsey.

"Katina needs to start calling out his faults. She won't say shit to him but has all the smoke for Lindsay. I can't stand it. #mafs" tweeted a fan. "Wow she's crying and it's not affecting him AT ALL, what a nasty man whew #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" noted a fan. "Katina needs to clean up alright…and take Olajuwon right to the curb where he belongs. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" said a fan. 






'Married At First Sight' Season 14 airs on Wednesday at 8p/7c

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