'MAFS' Season 14: Fans slam Olajuwon for insisting that Katina should cook for him

'MAFS' Season 14: Fans slam Olajuwon for insisting that Katina should cook for him
Katina and Olajuwon on 'Married At First Sight' (Lifetime)

For the couples of 'Married At First Sight' Season 14, the pressure is now starting to grow, as the couples return from their honeymoons. As they all gear up to move into their neutral apartments, the following few months where they have to live together is crucial.

Except for Alyssa and Chris and Michael and Jasmina (who are on a break), most of the couples have moved in together and are excited to start their journey. But it looks like even the happy couples are hitting a few road bumps.


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Olajuwon has made it plenty clear time and again that he wanted a wife that could cook, as it fits his image of what a wife should be. While Olajuwon can't cook himself, he has certainly been piling on the pressure on Katina to do so. As they moved into their new apartments, Olajuwon fully settled into roleplaying with Katina cooking, mentioning that he'd constantly be on her back when it came to home-cooked food. Katina mentioned in the confessionals that she is not the best at it, seeing that up until now, she's only been concerned with feeding herself and often ate out. However, now she was willing to put her best foot forward. But fans weren't as forthcoming as she was. 

"I’m sorry am I your personal chef? He’s talking about imma be on you about my meals. Yeah go ahead and give me the divorce papers I’ll sign them rn #mafs" tweeted a fan. "I'm not sure why olajuwon thinks that another adult human can cook for him everyday when he couldn't do it for himself. It's cool if she can do that but he should be understanding if she can't. #mafs" added another. "What's wrong with Olajuwon's hands, feet, and sight? If he's hungry, why doesn't he cook his own food? Why doesn't he worry about making meals for Katina?" said a fan. "Olajuwon said he consistently eats peanut butter and bread in the morning but now that he’s married he expects to finally stop eating like a bird? #MAFS" asked a fan. "Olijawan is tripping. Sir, you have been living alone not cooking for yourself but you expect me to cook for you everyday? You better sign up for Fresh Direct. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight" agreed another. 











Other fans just made fun of Olajuwon's ridiculous demands. "I see why Olajuwon is single & should have STAYED single. She is your wife NOT your mother you peasant #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs #MAFSBoston" tweeted a fan. "Katina, girl order him takeout and plate it before he gets home  #MarriedAtFirstSight #mafs" noted a fan. "How about you eat deez nuts Olajuwon? #mafs" joked a fan.






'Married At First Sight' Season 14 airs on Wednesday at 8p/7c

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