GOT7 fans excited to see 'actor Youngjae' back ahead of first solo fanmeeting

According to VIKI, Youngjae might have landed his next main role in a romantic K-drama

                            GOT7 fans excited to see 'actor Youngjae' back ahead of first solo fanmeeting
Youngjae acted in Netflix's first Korean sitcom 'So Not Worth It' (Netflix/Naver, @YOUNGJAExArs/Twitter)

With the GOT7 members focusing on their solo careers for the year 2021, fans are getting a barrage of content. From Jay B’s radio show to Jackson dominating the Chinese entertainment industry, the members are busy with their individual gigs. And now we have the powerhouse vocalist, Youngjae further expanding his solo career. He first debuted as a soloist on October 5 with his first album ‘COLORS from Ars’ and now he’s also branching out with his next acting project.

We first had Youngjae renewing his acting career after he landed the role of the American-Korean student Sam in Netflix’s first original Korean sitcom, ‘So Not Worth It’. He had debuted as an actor in the JYPE K-drama ‘Dream Knight’ that was produced specifically for GOT7 in 2015. Following a six-year break, he came back with the Netflix series. And now, fans think that actor Youngjae is back once again as he has reportedly landed the main role in a new K-drama. 

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Will actor Youngjae return?

Despite the promotional era for ‘COLORS from Ars’ ending, Youngjae is still gifting fans with exclusive content. He previously appeared in KOCCA’s K-Content Stage as he spoke about his self-produced album with the child actor, Sung Kyun. He was also invited by Burberry for their latest collection launch at Jeju Island along with his leader Jay B. On top of it, Youngjae announced his first solo online fanmeeting for which Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) celebrated by charting his track ‘Eternal’ at #4 on Genie Chart. 

Fans also loved that he has become a vlogger as he announced on November 25 that he would be uploading personalized content for fans on his YouTube channel with a cleverly captioned video that said “Open! We do anything but cussing.” And Youngjae’s first solo fanmeeting took place on November 27. At the same time, fans noticed that the OTT platform VIKI had listed Youngjae as the main lead in an upcoming K-drama ‘Love & Wish’ alongside Choi Ye-bin of ‘The Penthouse’ fame. While the page has been deleted, if it is confirmed, this will be Youngjae’s first high school romantic drama.

Watch Youngjae’s first YouTube vlog below.


Fans were excited for the fanmeeting and potential K-drama and trended Youngjae on Twitter. One Ahgase shared, “Actor Choi is back, I repeat ACTOR CHOI YOUNGJAE IS BACK.” Another wondered if the K-drama will be faithful to the webtoon it is being adapted from, “Are y'all ready for this Arsonist and Birds?????” One Ahgase said, “OMG!!!! Youngjae??!! Wait what!? For real!? Explain this Youngjae oh my god we're getting actor Youngjae for real.” Another brought up GOT7’s actor line, “How it started                How it's going.”





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