GOT7’s Jackson Wang turns Cartier party into mini-concert event with live performance

Dressed in a black turtle-neck and black pants, Jackson Wang took the event by storm by performing 'Dway' and 'Leave Me Loving You'

                            GOT7’s Jackson Wang turns Cartier party into mini-concert event with live performance
Jackson performs 'Dway' and 'Leave Me Loving You' on stage turning the Cartier party into a Jackson Wang concert (Team Wang)

GOT7 members are all busy with their solo projects but we know that Jackson Wang from China, the group’s Chinese member has been busy way before the group left their previous agency. Being the CEO of his eponymous label, Team Wang, Jackson keeps himself so busy that fans of the idol can never catch a break to breathe with all the content flowing their way. Being the social butterfly he is, Jackson was seen attending a party for Cartier on November 25. A video that showed the idol being the life of the party has now gone viral on social media.

One must note that Jackson has always been a brand magnet with one company after another signing up the singer-rapper as their global ambassador. Cartier is one such brand that Jackson endorsed in China where he is currently based after taking a break from GOT7’s group activities. On November 16, the luxury brand unveiled their new campaign called ‘Cartier Love Is All’ (stylized in all caps).

The campaign got together several celebrities with promotional ads that were filmed in Paris, Los Angeles (LA), and Shanghai. Alongside actresses like Monica Bellucci, Lily Collins, Mélanie Laurent, the show featured singers Willow Smith, Troye Sivan, and many other personalities. The Shanghai event was dominated by none other than Hong Kong-born singer and rapper Jackson Wang.


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Jackson Wang at Clash de Cartier

In an event held for Cartier called, “[UN]LIMITED Clash De Cartier” on November 25 in Shanghai, Jackson took the spotlight, attracting all the attention at the star-studded event. This is not a new feat for Jackson whose extroverted personality wins him fans everywhere. This year around, Jackson chose to dress simply but appeared “chic,” wearing a black turtleneck and black pants. Starting from the red carpet, the singer made his presence felt by having fun interactions with other Chinese celebrities and gracing the Cartier wall with his autograph.

The video that took the internet by storm was Jackson Wang grabbing all the attention by turning the brand event party into a personal mini-concert. The singer-rapper is first seen in a video with the entire crowd at the party turning around, facing away from the main stage area, to look at Jackson Wang instead, who was standing in the back of the room. Many of them were taking Jackson's pictures and videos. In one such video, a woman was heard in the background saying, “No one cares about the party, everyone is just staring at him.”


Jackson also turned the party into a concert when he took the stage to perform two of his fan-loved singles, ‘Dway’ and ‘Leave Me Loving You’ (LMLY), looking dapper in his all-black ensemble. His attendance at the event has him trending on Twitter where he became the life of the party, thanks to his megastar power.

Jackson Wang dressed in all-black for Cartier's party (Team Wang)

'Jackson is the moment'

Fans were mesmerized by Jackson's visuals at the event with one  of them saying, "Oh … god!" looking at pictures of the singer. Another fan said, "He is so fine." A third commentator posted, "When I say EVERYONE is watching Jackson Wang, this is what I meant." One fan posted a video of Jackson joking around at the event with another Chinese celebrity, while another remarked, "Jackson wang is the moment." One fan also posted a video showing how Jackson dominated the crowd while smoothly drinking a glass of champagne.






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