‘Love Island’ Season 1: The four couples fans can't get enough of from this season

‘Love Island’ Season 1: The four couples fans can't get enough of from this season

When ‘Love Island’ premiered on July 9, fans had little to no expectation about the kind of drama and romance that would keep us glued to this show. The show began with five couples, and over a period we saw several unexpected recoupling, eliminations, and bucket loads of drama. Apart from one couple, all have recoupled, or have been eliminated.


Fans have begun taking a strong liking for a few of these couples from the show. Some of these couples are not together anymore, but fans still can’t stop rooting for them. Here are four such couples from season 1 of ‘Love Island’ that fans can’t get enough of.

Zac and Elizabeth 

Zac and Elizabeth (Instagram)

Zac and Elizabeth coupled up on the pilot episode of the show. When Zac was presented to the girls in the first coupling, three girls expressed their interest in him - Elizabeth, Caro, and Mallory. The 22-year-old chocolate boy picked Elizabeth saying she seemed more of his type. While several other couples around them seem to be having trouble in finding the 'connection', Elizabeth and Zac have hit the jackpot. The couple's bond only got stronger as new islanders walked in and out.  Zac even officially proposed to Elizabeth to be his girlfriend, and now they're official. Fans can't get enough of their cute romance and often demand more screen time of this attractive couple. "STOP GIVING AIRTIME TO PPL WE DONT CARE ABOUT. GIVE US ZAC&ELIZABETH. ITS WHAT WE DESERVE. #loveislandusa", commented a fan. Another fan wrote, "zac and elizabeth are still the best couple. #LoveIslandUSA."

Dylan and Alexandra

Dylan & Alexandra (Instagram)

When Alexandra entered the villa, she had no interest in any of the boys present in the villa. She initially coupled up with Michael, but there was no connection between them. Things changed when dream-boat Dylan walked in and swept Alex off her feet with his charm and looks. Since then, Dylan and Alex have become one of the fan-favorite couples. Several fans are rooting for this couple to win the show, including former islander Alana. A fan tweeted, "I love Love island and my favorite couple is Alexandra and Dylan". Watching this couple's romance unfold on our screens has made us root strongly for this couple. 

Ray and Caro

Ray & Caro (Instagram)

Caro has had nothing short of a rollercoaster ride on the show, in terms of finding a guy she genuinely liked. This curly-haired beauty was touted as a player considering the number of guys she coupled up with. She initially coupled up with Cashel, but that didn't last for even a day, then she was conflicted between Alexandra's then-partner Michael and new boy Cormac, but she eventually ended up picking the Irish hunk, Cormac. Cormac's wandering eyes left Caro insecure and unfortunately, Cormac got dumped off the island and Caro was single again. This time around, she found what she was looking for in Ray, the new islander. Fans are very happy for Caro and Ray. A fan tweeted, "At first, most of us wanted Zac and Elizabeth for the win and we DESPISED Caro, but once our boy Ray pulled up to the Island, he flipped our whole perspective. He made most of us like Caro and now we want them for the WIN!! Ray is THE man #LoveIslandUSA".

Yemen and AlanaJordan Anchondo

Yemen & Alana (Instagram)

Yemen and Alana coupled up on the pilot episode of the show. Alana, who'd never been in a relationship before coming on the show, was instantly attracted to Yamen. The attractive couple stayed together for some time, during which fans started feeling for them. When new islander Christen walked in to the villa, Yamen dumped Alana for her, and fans haven't forgiven Yamen for it. Alana and Yamen have quite a few fans of their relationship. A user wrote, "I’m 22 minutes into #LoveIsland and I already want Alana and Yamen to get married”. The relatability of how their relationship unfolded won many fans.

Who is your favorite couple, let us know. You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access weekdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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