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‘Love Island’ fans furious over Yamen’s decision to dump Alana for Christen, who allegedly set her roommate's bed on fire

The recently aired episode of 'Love Island' saw recoupling of couples. In an unexpected move, Yamen dumped Alana for Christen, a new islander. This trigerred a lot of fans who felt that Yamen led Alana on and ditched her when she needed him.
UPDATED JUL 24, 2019

When Alana entered the island, she made a bold revelation that she had never dated anyone earlier. She claimed that she wanted to change her relationship status and that's how she found her way to 'Love Island'. On the first day when the coupling took place, Alana was instantly attracted to fellow Islander Yamen and coupled up with him.

Love Island (Vevmo)

While Alana went all in and put herself out there with Yamen, he, on the other hand, wanted to take things slowly. Fans rooted for Alana and Yamen to stick together like Elizabeth and Zac, who were also coupled up since day one. While initially, Yamen seemed very stand-offish, eventually he started warming up to Alana. He even went on to confess that he liked the pace of their relationship and that she was a wonderful girl. It was exciting to see their relationship blooming steadily.

Fan-favorite couple: Yamen and Alana (Instagram)

Everything changed when two new girls showed up on the island, Christen and Katrina. Christen was instantly drawn to Yamen and made it very clear to him. Yamen initially took the stance that he wouldn’t actively pursue any girl, but if a girl made a move on him, then he would think about it.

We never expected Yamen to dump Alana for any other girl. However, he felt like there was a connection with Christen which he felt didn't exist between him and Alana. So, on the day of recoupling, Yamen boldly made the decision to dump Alana for new girl Christen. This triggered a lot of fans, who felt that Yamen just led Alana on. Alana, for her part, was also very upset by Yamen’s decision and bid him an emotional farewell.

Yamen's decision to couple up with Christen drew a lot of backlash (Twitter)

A fan wrote, "The best part of the episode is Alana walking out and knowing her worth! That black girl magic is a beautiful thing and yamen knew that he fucked up when she kissed him goodbye.  #LoveIslandUSA." Another disgruntled fan commented, “My anger isnt towards Christen because the point of love island is to kind "love" My anger is towards Yamen because he did INDEED led Alana on tell the other guys he wasnt going to pursue the new girls but pulled the biggest BITCH ASS MOVE #LoveIslandUSA."

Fans are so furious by Yamen's decision that they want to vote him off the show the first chance they get. Luckily, in the next episode, the audience was asked to vote for two couples they felt had the least chemistry between them. The audience immediately snatched this opportunity and voted against Yamen and Christen as one of the couples with zero chemistry between them. The two went to the elimination zone, and the islanders had to vote for one of the members of the couple to stay back on the island as single.

Yamen must thank all his stars for sharing a good bond with the guys on the island because they saved him despite what he did to Alana. However, fans are still rallying for Yamen to be kicked off the show. "No one:  Americans who watch love island: I hate Yamen. Who’s ready to vote him off?  #LoveIslandUSA," commented a fan.

Fans were so annoyed with Christen that they dug deeper into her past and found her to be an arsonist who set her roommate's bed on fire following an argument. Fans were further annoyed by how he chose a deranged arsonist over Alana. A fan wrote, "so you mean to tell me yamen left a melanin goddess for a arsonist. this show did not deserve alana PERIOD #LoveIslandUSA."

You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access weekdays at 8 pm ET/PT.