'Love Island': Meet the five couples and one unattached contestant trying to tear them apart

'Love Island': Meet the five couples and one unattached contestant trying to tear them apart

When ‘Big Brother’ meets ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ you get the popular reality dating show ’Love Island’. The first episode of this very promising series premiered last night on CBS. The show is set in a luxurious villa on the picturesque island of Fiji. The hostess Arielle Vandenberg seemed in her element as she went about helping the contestants pick their partners.

For those who aren’t familiar with the premise of the show, there are eleven islanders who have to couple up and stay paired throughout the show and occasionally complete various challenges assigned to them. The uncoupled singleton is given the boot. At the end of the show, the winning couple will get a prize of, to hold your breath, a whopping $100,000, and possibly a budding romance.


The first episode introduced us to the eleven lucky singletons who will be spending their summer in Fiji looking for love. We were first introduced to the five female contestants following which, Arielle took over and brought out each of the five boys individually and asked them to pick one of the girls they wanted to couple up with. To make it easier for the guys with the decision, Arielle suggested that the girls should step forward if they felt attracted to any of the boys brought out. The girls can step forward if they found the boy attractive even if they had already been coupled up with someone else.

Let me introduce you to the five couples, that paired up in the first episode of ‘Love Island’.

'Love Island' full cast (CBS)


Caro and Cashel

Cashel, 27, was the first guy introduced to the girls. In his introduction, Cashel mentions that he has never used a dating app, because, in his words, “I’m trying to find someone the organic way, and the villa could be a really chill situation for that.”
Caro, 21, loves dating apps and considers being on ‘Love Island’ as being on a real-life dating app. She claims to be a great girlfriend to the right guy.
When Cashel is presented to the girls, none of the girls come forward to express their attraction to him. He, however, goes on to choose Caro. Caro initially admits that she doesn’t find him attractive, and even nicknames him Cashew, but later in the episode, we see her warming up to him, even going to the extent of snuggling and smooching him!
Yamen and Alana 

Yamen, 24, describes himself as a “good guy”, and is looking for a girl with a great personality, who can induce the "wow" feeling in him.
Alana, 21, who has never been in a relationship in her entire life, decides that 'Love Island’ is the perfect platform for her to find the right guy.

As soon as Yamen is presented to the girls, we can see Alana instantly feeling drawn to him. When Arielle asks the girls who find him attractive to step forward, unsurprisingly, Alana leaps to the front, remarking how cute she finds him. Luckily, Yamen decides to pair up with her. Thus, we have the second couple on the island. Later Alana boldly says to the camera, “Yamen is going to become my Bae-man.”
Elizabeth and Zac

Zac, a dashing 22 years old, admits that he doesn’t do social media dating and like Cashel he prefers meeting girls “organically”. He says that he wants to match with somebody and feel the connection.
Elizabeth, 24, admits that she is tired of dating apps and wants to meet a nice guy.
As soon as Zack is presented to the girls, three girls step forward to express their interest in him. Elizabeth, Caro, and Mallory. However, Zac chooses Elizabeth, saying she seemed more his type.
Weston & Mallory

Weston, 25, is a southern cowboy, who claims to be the best boyfriend a girl can ask for!
Mallory, 25, has come to the island with a clear goal in mind - to find a man. She already has her wedding planned, and a name picked out for her future children (she wants to name her daughter Mallory Jr.)
When Weston is presented, sadly none of the girls come forward. Weston doesn’t let that get to him; he chooses Mallory.
Michael and Alexandra

Michael, 29, laments that being as good-looking as he is both a gift and curse because people make assumptions and judge him as being too into himself, which he quickly says he is not! He says he is looking for “Nice booty and nice beauty”.
Alexandra, 25, who relies heavily on her vibes, doesn’t step forward for any of the other guys. Thankfully, despite the other girls, who have already been paired up stepped forward to express their interest in Michael (Caro & Mallory) alongside her, Michael choses her.

Just as the couples were beginning to get comfortable with their new partners, we are introduced to the new islander, Kyra. Kyra, 22, describes herself as goofy and is looking for a guy who can make her laugh and live in the moment with her.
Kyra must choose one of the guys to couple up within the next 24 hours. This immediately puts all the girls on their toes. Kyra expresses interest in three guys: Yamen, Cashel, and Weston. The episode ends with a cliff-hanger as to who would be Kyra’s pick.

Who do you think Kyra will pick, let us know in the comments.

You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access every weekday at 8 pm ET/PT.

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