'Love Island' fans can’t get enough of the budding romance between Alexandra and Dylan

Episode five of 'Love Island' saw Dylan and Alexandra getting to know each other better, and fans went crazy

                            'Love Island' fans can’t get enough of the budding romance between Alexandra and Dylan

The latest episode of 'Love Island' saw the couples getting to know each other and beginning some new relationships. In the previous episode, we saw Dylan and Alexandra coupling up, and in this episode, we saw how amazing they both are together.

There was a challenge to blow air into a raft and paddle across a small lake. Dylan and Alexandra, being the super-athletic people that they are, obviously came first. This won them some alone time away from the other couples, where they took the time to really connect with each other.

Alexandra gushed about how lucky and happy she feels while talking to the other girls. She was especially touched by Dylan’s remark on how she looked beautiful with her freckles without makeup. We just melted over that sweet compliment. Fans too seemed very psyched about this new couple on the island.

A fan wrote, "ALEXANDRA AND DYLAN IM ACTUALLY CRYING SHES SO SWEET  #LoveIslandUSA." Another fan shared, "dylan and alex HAVE MY HEART I LOVE THEM #LoveIslandUSA."
It's not smooth sailing for all the couples on the island though. Weston and Mallory seem to be having trouble. Mallory told Weston that she isn't attracted to him and sees him as a close friend. While Weston agrees with Mallory, we could clearly see that it got to him. However, he didn’t have to mope over it for too long because the next day was his birthday, so of course, the islanders partied hard in rodeo style. Weston thanked all his fellow islanders for throwing such a fun party for him.

Christen and Katrina, the two new islanders (CBS)

The night ended with two new islanders dropping into the villa. Katrina and Christen. Katrina is a beauty queen and Christen is a sales and business development major. The jaws of all the boys were on the floor when the two new girls walked in. Weston immediately grabbed the opportunity to find a new girl for himself while Mallory looked visibly upset.

We will have to wait for the next episode to see if the OG couples are still safe or if one of the OG girls will be finding her way back home. You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access every weekday at 8 pm ET/PT.

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