'Love Island' star Alana Morrison dishes on her favorite couple on the show and holds no grudges against Yamen for dumping her

'Love Island' star Alana Morrison dishes on her favorite couple on the show and holds no grudges against Yamen for dumping her

‘Love Island’ is a show where 11 islanders are competing for love and $100,000. While we saw a slew of islanders coming in and out of the villa, one islander in particular — Alana Morisson, has won the heart of fans with her extremely relatable and genuine nature on the show.

The 21-year-old student is multi-talented — she is a model, singer, and songwriter! In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), she shared about how she found herself on the show, her experiences and her thoughts on love.

Here's a little interesting trivia, Alana has never been in a relationship! In case you’re wondering how this single girl who has never been in a relationship found her way on this popular reality show, we were just as surprised by her response.

Alana says, "It's a funny story, I did not know that the show existed. I got a DM one day from one of the casting directors asking me if I would like to be a part of the show. I thought it was a joke, but he suggested that we do a phone call and I could get more information on the show. It was a great conversation, and after that call, I looked up the show for the first time. I was like, wow, this is a big deal, and I had another round of interview in California and got on the show."

After getting on the show, during the first coupling event, Alana immediately chose Yamen. We asked her what drew her to Yamen, and her answer was as good as ours. "Abs". She says his abs and his height really drew her in. Can’t blame the girl here.

Now that we were on the subject of Yamen, we asked her how she felt about everything that went down between them. She says that she enjoyed his company. "I'm not bitter about what happened with Yamen. I'm a little triggered by what happened but I do not hold any negative feelings or thoughts. I have no ill-will towards him."

Alana (CBS)

It was quite evident that her fans reacted strongly to the situation and everyone was rooting for them. Alana says she had a very good explanation for their support. "So I feel like people probably have such a strong reaction to it because, like they were kind of in that relationship too, like they were watching it develope, blossom."

She also points out that the audience got to see both her and Yamen's perspective. One of the reasons why Alana struck a strong chord with the audience was because her story was extremely relatable. We have all been in similar situations at some point in our lives, and she is very well aware of it. She explains, "My experience of what happened to me. I feel like that's not a new story. I think that's something that has happened to many people. That's gonna probably continue to happen to many people. We've all been there so it was one of those things where we're able to come together and relate. Unfortunately, it was in that circumstance."
When we asked her if she enjoyed her experience on the island, she gives us a resounding yes. She says that she had a lot of fun and laughed very hard in the villa. If you're wondering if she has any plans of meeting her fellow islanders after the show wraps up, then yes, she does. She shared about how Mallory and she are regularly in touch and she can't wait for the show to wind up so she can catch them all outside the villa away from prying cameras and mikes.
So, which couple is she rooting for to win the show? "I'm rooting for Dylan and Alexandra because everybody is already saying Zac and Elizabeth. But I wouldn't be shocked if Zac and Elizabeth won." Is she still looking for love? She sums up her thoughts beautifully: "I am not looking for sparks. I’m looking for a certain calm and security." But right now she is taking the time to focus on herself and grow as a person.
She adds about her future projects: "You might see some music coming out, and I might act. When I get my ball rolling, there's no stopping so, I don't know, I just feel good energies and I feel like there's a lot of great stuff to come. I'm excited for people to be a part of my journey."

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