'Love Island' fans thrilled to see Zac and Elizabeth express their love for each other on their first date

'Love Island' fans thrilled to see Zac and Elizabeth express their love for each other on their first date

In the midst of all the drama and love triangles, one couple has consistently been together since day one on 'Love Island'. They did have their share of misunderstandings, but at the end of the day, they found a way back to each other. Zac and Elizabeth are undoubtedly a fan favorite couple on ‘Love Island’.

They are both extremely attractive and seem genuinely interested in each other. Unfortunately, the couple’s romance was confined to the villa, as they never got an opportunity to go on a date on the beautiful Fiji island.

Things changed on the Wednesday, July 24, episode when the couple finally got an opportunity to go on a date. When Zac gets the text, the joy on both their faces was priceless.

Zac and Elizabeth go on their first date on 'Love Island' (Twitter)


The happy couple then proceeded to go on a small hike through a waterfall. They had a lovely picnic, where they shared their feelings for each other. Elizabeth expressed that she loved Zac the way he was and didn't want him to change anything about himself. Zac too shared that he can't wait for Elizabeth to meet his family and friends.

The cute couple had us fawning over their puppy-love and fans were very pleased too. One fan commented, "Zac and Elizabeth officially own my heart there’s no going back @loveislandusa #LoveIslandUSA #loveisand". Another wrote, “I love seeing zac and elizabeth if anything and I mean any minor inconvenience happens to their relationship I’ll have a breakdown #LoveIslandUSA".

Fans are already putting their money on this couple to win the show. A fan tweeted, “THEY HAVE TO WIN. JUST LOOK AT THEM. LOVE, CHEMISTRY, LOOKS.. THEY HAVE GOT IT ALL". We hope that the couple does indeed stay together till the end of the series, and hopefully even after the show.
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